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Do you take a pistol or not?

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Originally Posted by Bucktail_Bob
That is a Smith 629, using 240 gr. A-Frames. What pistol did you pick up?
I've got a S&W Performance Center Model 460 using 200 grain Barnes XPBs for the medium ranged shots and a Ruger Blackhawk chambered in 41 Magnum using 250 grain WFN hardcasts for archery range shots, neither of which have seen much action yet. If I have to cover a larger field where 150+ yard shots are possible, I'll trade the 460 for my 300 Winchester Magnum Encore handgun.
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Illegal here in illinois
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Originally Posted by Mountain_Hunter
If 3-4 pounds makes that much of a difference then its time to get in better hiking shape or drop some other gear imo.

I'm not sure the type of places you all hunt, but I go miles into the woods and into places that most likely wont see human foot prints until I return the following year. To not take a pistol would be moronic on my part.

What if I fell down the mountain side and injured myself, forced to spend the night in the woods and possibly on the ground. What happens if you lose the long rifle during the fall? If something crazy were to happen and I had to run from someone/something I'm dropping the long rifle and covering ground while still having my pistol for protection.

Further more, if you're not taking it because you don't think you are good enough with it, then my recommendation would be to practice more.

If I'm hunting in a more populated area then I might not carry my pistol, but in the very remote areas I hunt, I actually worry if I don't have it on me.
Couldn't have said it better.
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The only reason Ive ever thought about it is because Ive thought about taking a deer with a pistol if the opportunity presents itself but I don't want to not have my long gun.

I guess I'm more likely to take a long gun when pistol hunting than take a pistol when long gun hunting.

I guess I did have a dangerous encounter with a deer where I rattled in a mature buck. He came in through cattails/high weeds and charged close enough I could have touched him. I can't imagine a scenario where I would have dropped my shotgun and reached for my handgun but I reckon if your going in for days a backup is not a bad idea...Specially in bear country. Deer is about the most dangerous game where I live and even at touching distance I didn't really feel like my life was in real danger. There was a split second after we seen each other that he was still in fight mode as we stood there face to face but he quickly went into flight mode. Was definitely an awesome experience and I never did shoot the deer..
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Last year I carried a S&W model 28 in a cross draw position because I was sitting in a blind. This year I will carry a Glock 23 on my right hip because I expect to be sitting in several positions. Either one is with me wherever I travel.

I don't expect to take a deer with either handgun, but I do carry in the woods. In tight quarters I will prefer them as a primary weapon.

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