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Happy little girl(first deer)

Old 10-10-2017, 05:50 AM
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Default Happy little girl(first deer)

She has been at it every morning and every evening of her season for 2 years(just turned 8 a couple weeks ago) hunting 8-10 hours a day. I told here she can't go hunting until she can prove she can shoot and she (all 60lbs of her) shot them shotgun slugs every chance she got until she was good enough. Her shoulder beat up and her finger bleeding from the trigger guard. They just don't make a good slug gun for such a little girl.

She has had a rough go at it. It just takes so long for her to get he scope settled on a deer and pull the trigger and with each failure she got more and more nervous. Saturday morning nothing,Saturday evening we saw probably 20 deer but nothing close enough, Sunday morning we saw 2 doe way to far out, Sunday evening we had a big doe come in and I had told her not to shoot when they were moving and not to move when they had their head up. Well I told her to take the shot whenever she was ready but she thought she couldn't shoot when the deer had its head up(I didn't know why she wasn't shooting until it was too late. Monday morning I spotted a doe at 60 yards headed right towards us and I looked over and she was sleeping. I woke her up but she didn't have her hearing protection out and ready. By the time I got her woke up and we got her hearing protection out of her bag the deer was standing 12 yards outside the blind in a blind spot. We tried to move the gun and got busted. She was so disappointed in herself. I told her it only takes a little bit of careless to ruin a lot of hard work.

Then comes Monday evening(last day,last hour) and the deer start stepping out of the timber and this time they are right where we want them and she was ready. The biggest doe was 40 yards broadside and was onto us and starting to stomp and carry on. I told her "you gotta hurry baby" and the gun goes off(first shot she has ever taken at a deer) and I see the big doe take off unhit and my heart sank then I see a deer 100 yards away flopping around. Turns out we were looking at 2 different deer and she had smoked one 100 yards out right in the shoulder. A shot I would not have even let her take had I known.

Ive killed a lot of big deer in my day but this one takes the cake. She worked so hard, really stuck with it,and wanted it so much. She was so exited and I was so happy for her. I don't remember if Ive ever been that exited about anything.

This is what its all about.

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Her smile is bigger than the deer. The first one is always a trophy. Congratulations, good for her!
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Good for her, and good for you for taking her hunting.
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That's so awesome!!!

Her smile says it all!!!

I can't wait till my little ones are older enough to hunt!
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good for her, I hope she gets many many more !
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Congratulations to your daughter, and great job to you for teaching her that well!
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Way too cool! Congrats to the young lady!
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Congrats to the both of you, memories have been made, that is for sure.
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Ive killed a lot of big deer in my day but this one takes the cake....

This is what its all about.
Absolutely. Well done, and congrats to you and your daughter!
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Thanks guys...This is her trophy.

She didn't care about antlers she just wanted more than anything to provide meat for friends and family that she went out got herself. She stayed home from school today to help dad process it.

We have a lot of cookouts and people are always bringing fish and various meat and she wanted so bad to be the one providing dinner.

She already has friends over from school tonight so she can feed them.

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