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Scouting and Accessing Public Land

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You already edited your post Top, but I really wanted to quote you.... If you think I'm showing an illegal act and NO OTHER SHOW does my method, you're full of it bud, because clearly you do not watch Midwest Whitetail, Whitetail Adrenaline, Faded Camo, Bowhunt or Die, or a ton of other shows, because kayaks, canoes, and even boats are used without a disclaimer. Why? Because only a select few are dumb enough to need them apparently. Honestly I don't agree with you one bit. What I did was 100% legal in my State, and if you're not happy with that, I honestly do not care. I do not make my videos for you, nor care about your opinion. I just got sick of listening too talk.

In the end, in my state I can kayak till my arms fall off with the types of access points I use. If it differs in your state, great glad you know your states regs. In the end it's the hunters own responsibility to know their states laws. I know if I were too get tickets for something I seen on YouTube and tried to say "but I seen it on YouTube", everyone in the court would laugh about it, then I'd get my ticket anyways.
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I have no idea what I edited that you wanted to quote, but I certainly didn't say you were showing an illegal act OTHER than in certain areas where you don't live and I made no mention anywhere in this thread about other videos other than a bunch that think they are experts that aren't! If you and oldsaltydog had quit about 4 pages ago this would not be into 5 pages now! Take a look and read my first simple post and that of flags where we just made simple statements so others would know what you were doing is not legal everywhere. Then YOU came back and made another wrong post and had to be corrected. After that there was just some banter about other stuff like happens many times on threads until oldsaltydog had to bring the thread back up telling everyone we were being petty, etc. and kept right on until another pain in the butt member had to bring the thread back up just to add his 2 cents in about how bad this site is like he keeps doing stalking me, but never offers any positive help or comments! I really don't care whether you agree with me or anyone else, but I'd suggest any time you make videos that they be correct in all facets so people don't have to correct you. I also didn't say I wasn't happy with your video and if you can find any sentence that did please do so! We know what you can do in your state of MN, as you've told us over and over! It's amazing that one or two little comments made to help you in further videos that you make got blown into 5 pages and it's all because of YOU and oldsaltydog, not us because we were done mentioning what we did in the first page or so. Now let's move on and you have a good career doing what you're doing because it's an admiral occupation helping Vets and I wish you well in it!
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Don't try and argue with him.He is always right and if not doesnt matter he will just type and type you into submission.
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Originally Posted by Timbrhuntr View Post
Don't try and argue with him.He is always right and if not doesnt matter he will just type and type you into submission.
I figured you 'd come back with more BS to get in the last word on this thread and you didn't disappoint! Now how about just posting some positive comments to help others on the site instead of all this negative crap you keep coming up with!
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Thread is locked now move on.
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