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Beginner's Rifle

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I don't think you would ever regret getting something like a Tikka T3 in a common caliber like .270 or .308. I would stay away from any of the magnum calibers for a first rifle, it's just too easy to develop a flinch that will be hard to get rid of. Spend your money on a good scope, the Tikka has a sweet trigger and is incredibly accurate and a really nice scope is just a pleasure to use. Get someone who knows what they are doing to mount it. Watch and ask questions.

An added advantage of a caliber like the two mentioned is ammo is readily available and frequently on sale which will allow you to practice more. Nothing like aiming at a buck at 200 yards when you've been shooting pie plates at 400.

That Tikka should leave you plenty for a second rifle. Get a Ruger 10/22 and a decent scope and practice. Get someone who is a really good shot to mentor you ... spend a few bucks if necessary. The fundamentals of good marksmanship are simple but not necessarily easy. Learn right from the beginning and you will reap the dividends.

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As was mentioned above GO TO A GUN SHOP.

Someone else cannot tell you what is good. All that are mentioned in this thread are good, I have a Rem 700 and including a good scope you should be under your price range easily.

What you need to do is shoulder as many as you can, don't worry about caliber during this, but close your eyes, mount the gun and open your eyes see how you are sighting down the barrel, or not. A well fit gun will just come up naturally and be lined up.

As for models, I'd suggest also looking at the TC Venture, I just went through this with my wife over the last year and that is what she got, it's a very nice handling gun.
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Yes I know that going to a gun shop is what I should do, and thats what I will do. Asking before going helps me get an idea of what caliber I should get and some advice is always a good.

@Sheridan thanks for the recommendations. I'm slightly favored towards the Tikka rifle, everything I read about it is good and with it's price I can buy a pretty nice scope and still have some money left for a sling, rings, etc.

I'll let you guys know which rifle I end up buying, maybe in 2 weeks or so. Appreciate the feedback!
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Sheridan knows His stuff about Rifles...!

Check out the 7mm-08 Rifles/Calibers,easy on recoil yet great knock down power and accurate.The Savage Model 11/111 GNCS wood stock,bolt-action are nice Rifles as well as The Tikka T3 Light Rifles mentioned earlier.
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you are all 2 kind !!!

I recomend spending very little $$$ at first.

If your are interested ..........................

You are willing to spend more !
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