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PAnative 12-16-2016 04:31 PM

ScentBlocker quality and durability
I have been looking at colder weather gear for a while now. The ScentBlocker Alpha suit is one option in particular. But, i do see a decent amount of reviews that saw the seams come apart...

Dont bother commenting on the scent killing ability, i think thats all a scam. But please let me know your experiences with ScentBlocker and hopefully the Alpha suit in regards to quality and durability. I hunt a lot... so its gotta last

Im torn between the Alpha suit or just sticking to Asbell wool like i currently have. Or, switching over to LL Bean, they have a flawless reputation and a top notch waranty

flyinlowe 12-16-2016 05:52 PM

I can't comment on the SB because I have not used them. I can tell you I bought a pair of camo bibs that show the name Field and Stream. Not sure who actually made them but they have been one of my best investments ever. They were not super expensive, they are warm, dry, and have held up great.

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