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Originally Posted by Deer Hunters
lol.. i told that am a newbie... learning to hunt... but if someone misses my last posts and eagerly want's to see a buck from me... then what can i do? So posted that pic... i confess i did wrong... i am sorry
May god forgive me
if you have never killed a buck of your own,just be honest.there was a time when we were all new to hunting. accept you will not and can not please everyone on the net and move forward.
you were man enough to come back and apologize. that is a great first step and I accept it and forgive this transgression.
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That buck picture that isn't yours is only one transgression. How old are you and why did you put down in your profile that you're a mechanic if you're still in school? Have you ever been out of Texas to hunt elk like you also mentioned in your first post or have you only hunted deer? These things you posted seem to form a pattern of lying and I'd suggest you tell us how old you are and exactly why you put down that you're a mechanic and elk hunt that you've probably never done either! I, for one, do not let people off as easy as some of the guys appear to be doing here when you start adding all these apparent lies together in your first week on the site!
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Yes, i will always be sorry for this. My dad taught me not to lie, not to deceive. But how come i forgot my dad's teaching!!! Shame on me! Shame on me! Shame on me!
God forgive my sins...
But thank you people who forgave me. That released some kinda burden. Wish, i could hunt a buck on my own and post my hunting pics here.

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I think you will find honesty will bring a just reward. There are a lot of very knowledgeable and ethical sportsmen right here on HNI. Ask questions and you will receive some of the best info anywhere on the web. As a moderator my job is to work with all the members and try to keep the site moving well and remove troublesome posts and posters. I hope your issues are behind you and hope to see you post responsibly.

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I'm a little saddened to see the new youngster went down a somewhat less than honest path. Everybody that begins hunting will be at a stage where they have yet to take a deer. Heck, I was there as well. But to try and take credit for a buck like that is a little ridiculous. Any hunter knows how rare such a buck is and when one is taken the photo gets spread around the web.

My advice to the youngster is, now that you have manned up and admitted your error, begin to take part in the forums and use them to help you take that first deer and when you get it post the photo. I will be one of the first to congratulate you when you do. But if you are found posting falsehoods again I fear few here will bother responding to you or offering any help.

Now, where in TX are you? I've taken a doe there already and will go after another one on Jan 07 at Paris, TX.
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Deer Hunters - I will forgive you if you say that the Eagles are the best football team in the world and the cowboys are an XFL expansion team.

Just kidding. No harm, no foul. It's the internet. Lots of people push the boundaries of truthfulness online. Just make sure you are always honest with people you interact with, always look them in the eye and give a firm handshake.

We've all told a fib as a kid to try to impress people. This to shall pass.
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