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Newbie never tell anyone where you hunt

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Originally Posted by kidoggy
this is the mentality I have heard from many.
" only idiots hunt alone."
to which I answer, " I don't believe that is true BUT if you are an idiot, I would not recommend YOU hunt alone."
John Wayne once said, "life is harder when your stupid"
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I tell the Wife where I'm going when I'm out Hunting....and if I die out there bury Me under that tree.If I'm Hunting Private Land it won't hurt to mention where I'm Hunting.... .if I'm on Public Land my lips are sealed.

Valentine.....Your a Character!
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Good luck getting help when you fall out of the tree stand.
Originally Posted by flags
Still hunt. Problem solved.
Yep. That's how I often do it, or from a blind.

Truth is, it's not really very easy for me to hunt deer with a partner. Ministry and teaching means that my schedule is very haphazard.

I always tell people where I'm going and when to expect me back.
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I'll tell anybody where I hunt. I rarely fill any tags so nobody cares where I hunt.
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Originally Posted by moosemike
I'll tell anybody where I hunt. I rarely fill any tags so nobody cares where I hunt.
lol. now that is an excellent strategy!
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Fishermen not only exaggerate the size of their catch, they also exaggerate the amount of fish they caught !!!

Hunters say they didn't see anything.......................
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You can tell someone where you are going that day. Just don't tell anyone where you were when you got a big one.

The worst was when guys would post great fishing reports on internet fishing boards. The next day there would be 100 boats at one spot. The internet and GPS technology really changed things.
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Facebook groups have done this too... While they are nice to use, and I've grouped up with guys during bear and deer seasons to do drives... they also cause what Barnes mentioned... Especially the trout groups... Multiple people in the last few years have said "Oh ya... I found out about this spot on facebook and decided to come check it out!"
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There is a small, native trout stream near our camp. It's on a big SGL. There is about a 40 waterfall with a deep pool underneath it. I've been there many times over the years. Once in a blue moon, you might see a local or two swimming in it.

This summer, there would be 30+ people there every Saturday. NY and NJ plates up and down the dirt road you would park on to hike back to this place. I asked somebody how they even knew about this place. They said they read about it on an internet blog.

What's really funny, there were a couple guys from Brooklyn who drove from NYC that day, just to go to this little spot. They found the creek a little too cold for swimming and asked where else they could swim. I asked them why they weren't at the very well known state park that is a short drive away. They said they had no idea there was any state park around. Again, they were attracted to this little pool in the middle of woods because of an internet blog.

There goes the peaceful fishing for native trout.
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While fishing with gramps as a young lad, a paddle wheel boat full of tourist passed by on the main channel. A man on a bullhorn standing on deck yelled to our boat, "Hold up your fish".
As I reached for the stringer, old gramps smacked me up side the head.

You wanna mess up ur hotspots, just show em where they're at.
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