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Crazy how everyone online are the most legal and ethical hunters in existence...all these "road hunters" and "beer drinkers" must not have internet, probably don't even have electricity actually.

We most likely have the strictest laws out of all the State's here in California, and even so, it still isn't against the law to "drink" while hunting, it is against the law to be drunk and hunt tho. That's why Law Enforcement have breathalyzers, above a .08 and you are legally drunk. A beer in the coat pocket to drink while sitting in a stand isn't going to get anyone drunk.

Same with "road hunting", nothing against the law to drive around "looking" for deer, however it is against the law to shoot from a vehicle or from a paved road.

I stop and "look" at deer all the time on both public and private land. Is it against the law to look? Nope, especially if I don't even have a gun in the truck. Maybe the "road hunter" the OP saw isn't even a hunter? Just someone that likes looking at deer?

Strange to me that the OP didn't care that the trespassers were on private ground when he thought it would help his hunt...if he cared he should have stopped his hunt and went and solved the problem right away, not post on the internet about it.
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