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Looking at buying land

Old 12-15-2016, 03:28 PM
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I live on 1 acre in a neighborhood of similar sized houses and lots. The place behind me is on 38 acres. I have a treehouse at the very back of my lot and the guy behind me has allowed me to retrieve deer off his property for the last 12 years. I've probably killed 3 dozen deer from that tree house. Mostly does, but a couple nice bucks. Weekend and holiday Mornings are usually the most productive because the neighbors aren't rustling about spooking the deer. 10-20 acres could be plenty, if it is situated in the right spot, with equally large or larger parcels around you. A good rapor with your neighbors is essential. I now have a small farm that I am building a house on...Most of the land is cleared but there is still deer activity, and you just have to learn how to hunt it.
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If your a good neighbor you ask permission before the season not come knocking on the door just as I am about to set down to my supper or about to go to bed. I under stand some one doing so that lives in the next section over.

My woods looks pretty much like this all of it.

You would have to be blind to be following a blood trail and not see a dead deer laying ahead of you or around you.

Also since they were doing it every year I never did tell then they should learn to shoot better either. Bet every one of you who would help would get tired of that crap too. every year at some point or more your supper gets cold while you help those sorry shooting people.
Like I have said if I found a dead deer on my place I would deliver it to their door with the tractor and front loader.

I don't want there gut shot deer.

We even take the time to call the farmers where we have already gotten permission to hunt coyotes to let them know we will be there that day or night.
It is called common courtesy!!!!


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Here is a tip you might find helpful---in 1990 I purchased 40 acre of low hunting land some marshy area,s some jackpine- some popple and maple tree,s Afte3r fi4rst year I had a logger all mature tree,s except a few nice Oak tree,s on a small ridge the money I made from the cutting paid for most of the land purchase ! So essentially I bought more land than I could afford---I also put the land in MFL to lower taxes a lot HH
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