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Tough Chewy Meat??

Old 10-24-2017, 10:08 AM
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Okay, let me be a bit more forthright then. In your story, you said you turned and at half draw you released. That right there tells me what kind of person you are when it comes to the shot selection part. Any hunter worth the name would tell you that was about as inhumane as one can get. Next, you are trying to say that you used bent arrows that weren't even for your own bow and was able to connect with a shot through the eye at 30 yards. Horse crap there. I was being nice the first time around. Robin Hood wouldn't even try that crap. Again sir, I was raised around archery as was my other 4 siblings and we all know our way around a bow. Traditional as well as compounds. You only having one arrow left and not dragging a deer on the way back to your car more than solidifies that you are not a very good archer and it would take more than an expert skill to accomplish what you said. That is not being a jackass sir, it is calling it how it is. Have a good day.
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Originally Posted by dschaefer1996
thats exactly what i was thinking but i have never herd of it before so i wasnt sure
Iíve read thatís the case and from experience believe it to be true as well. Meat should age before itís butchered and packed. Also...ever been to a top shelf steak place where they dry age steaks? They do that to ensure tenderness.
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Something I have done for older deer, is, I quarter them. put them in white garbage bags and put them in the garage refrigerator for 4 weeks at 34 degrees. It'll stink like heck when you pull it out, but that's just the blood draining from the meat. Rinse it good and you'll have some very tender venison.
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Originally Posted by super_hunt54
Another little known trick to cooking ANY meat, don't put a "cold" steak on a hot surface. Like right out of the fridge cold. Let it sit out for around half an hour to come to around room temp. You will notice the difference doing this with about any cut of meat. And as far as most all venison steak cuts, hot and fast will yield the best results. Low and slow works well for roasts and such but a steak cut needs a lot of heat quick on both sides then let it rest for a few minutes after cooking to reabsorb the juices while it relaxes.
I couldn't agree more! No cold steaks on hot surfaces.
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There's always the chance that the butcher didn't give him back HIS deer.
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