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New here and need tactics...

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Default New here and need tactics...

Hey guys just joined up as I'm sitting in my tree stand here waiting to see something. I need help my grandfather bought his place in Ohio and I fortunately was able to purchase the place right next to his. Wahoo I believe that gives us a total of maybe 50 huntable acres. Now the only problem is that it is a thin stretch of timber surrounded by all bean field. How do I get the deer to want to pass through? We had a 300 acre farm in PA so this Ohio hunting is a little weird to me I can't just walk and walk to find deer. Please any help is much appreciated.
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Oh trust m the deer are going thru that thin stretch of timber to go from bean fild to bean field. I'm sure they cross in a good number of areas but a good investigation will show the favored or more heavily used areas. Set up downwind and within shooting distance of those popular crossings. The deer will also congregate in the woods too so don't discount that. And soon the beans will be gone.
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Find your trails. Set up on them. How wide is the woods? If it's just a little strip you'll be waiting on deer to come along the edge or cross.... If it's a little wider the deer will be using it more and may even be bedding in it. Just gotta see what the sign shows you and hunt accordingly.... and put your phone away. Deer just passed behind you and you didn't see them.
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make it thick and nasty will be a magnet
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I go out after a rain around mid day and walk the borders then, crisscross the center. The tracks will tell you quick what Deer are around and where they are likely to be. Keep in mind they are coming from somewhere, going somewhere. Usually cover/bed to food and back again or maybe to water. Don't overdo it, you don't want to stink the place up anymore than necessary.

Pretty soon now the Bucks will be following their noses to the Doe, you find the Doe and a Buck is likely to show up in a month or sooner.

In a lot of agricultural areas the Deer are used to tractors and aren't spooked by them. A SUV might make them nervous, often a tractor driving by won't even stop them feeding.
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Default Thanks

Wow thanks for all the feedback guys! The timber itself is about 120 to 140 yds wide. I can't find a straight shot to range it. But I have had the cameras up pre season as always, I have found the highways but it all seems to. E nocturnal. Now I'm hoping for it to get intense with the rut coming up but the only deer I can pattern are a momma with her two young that come out always at 6:30 and feed in the field. Then of course I have pics of them under my stand half hour after dark. It's just frustrating because I know it SHOULD be a haven travel route but just can't seem to catch a break for that mature monster we all chase.
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The timber companies in our area have been cutting to within 50 yards of any type of drainage. So you end up with clear cuts or new growth on both sides. The deer absolutely love these corridors! So if you have planted food crops on both sides, you should be in deer heaven! Look for any pinch points or major crossings and you'll be on the deer!
Good luck, and welcome to the board!
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All I can say is set up where the tracks are heaviest. Hunting a new area can be tough at first until you learn the lay of the land and how the deer use it
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