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25 lbs

Old 12-08-2015, 11:03 AM
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For a deer that has been thoroughly deboned (rib meat too, as I do) about 50% is the yield. I would get a little more meat than 25 pounds from a 60 pound fawn in our area. Not sure how big deer are by you. If you deer was bigger, they probably did not bother with a lot of the trimmings, and those trimmings add up.

Not sure what living in the city has to do with butchering. I hang my deer in the garage and butcher mine in the garage as well. Unless you have no garage I suppose. I debone and then take to a reputable butcher to mix with some beef and made into burger - and I weigh it myself, and let them know how much it weighed, just to keep them honest.
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Sorry to hear that blur, sounds like you got short changed My cousin got a Muley in Oct, he took his to a local butcher, as he didn't want to butcher his when he got home. When we picked up his meat i thought they missed a box in the freezer. On a small doe i get about 10lbs of burger after i cut out all the neck roasts, sirloin, top, bottom & eye of round, chuck tender & straps/loins.
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My friend tried another local butcher last weekend. Decent size doe. He got 21 lbs. It's boned, but still. This was no fawn. We both know the butcher(s) are skimming meat.

Unfortunately with the warm weather here, it's not the time to learn how to butcher.

Maybe next year...
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Most butchers are honest but there are dishonest ones everywhere. If they make bologna or summer sausage it is not unheard of for unscrupulous butchers to skim meat from each deer, then after the season make the product and sell it. Some in PA have been caught at it.

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I average about 35 percent yield of the hanging empty weight. This takes into consideration waste from bullet damage etc. Our does around here average 90-130 pounds and I usually will get 30-45 pounds of meat counting the grind. Butchering the deer is a lot of fun is easy when shown how and the product is great.
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You still have not said how much your field dressed deer weigh. What is good sized? That varies big time by location. Our field dressed does weigh about 70-90lbs typically. That will yield about 25-35lbs of boneless meat.

Still, as I mentioned earlier...40% of dressed weight is probably typical. If you get more you are doing well. And I'm sure most butchers are honest, but some butchers probably do skim. My guess is if they do, its a pound or two, not something like 10 lbs from one deer.

The other thing... I'd bet 80% of hunters have no idea what their field dressed deer actually weigh. They almost always overestimate. For about $50 you can get a nice hanging scale that will make you feel like a fool on guessing your deer field dressed weight.

The bigger the deer, the farther off most folks are. I bought a scale a long time ago, and have weighed hundreds of deer. Its fun when a buddy says they got a big one and I take my scale over and they scratch their head as to how come their guess is so far off what the actual weight is. They sure feel heavy dragging, unless they are a dink.
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Before you go telling me you got a good sized deer or your buddy did just measure the chest and tell us what the measurement is.

Pretty simple thing to do even a 1st grader in school can do it.


How to estimate the weight of your deer by measuring chest circumference -- Measure the girth of the animal just behind the front legs. This measurement in inches, will give you the approximate weight of your deer in pounds.


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Illinois deer...25 pounds of meat would be a fawn. Typical 1.5 year or older doe will yield 35-60 pounds of meat.

If you are in the south...25 pounds of meat from a medium size doe may be about right.

IMO Learn to butcher your own animals.. Skin and quarter in the field/at camp. Put the quarters in garbage bags on ice (you do not want the meat directly sitting in ice or water). Complete the butchering at home. If you have no one to teach you to butcher watch some youtube videos...it is really not difficult.
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