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13pointjomc 12-05-2015 11:38 AM

need some opinions....
Alrighty. At a thick spot on my property I've found a rub line about 20 yards inside the woodline. Rubs about 10-20 yards apart and a few scrapes here and there. This spot of hardwoods is to thick to climb a tree and hunt in. There is a 5 acre field right in front of it with a shooting house over looking it. Only problem is I can't see past the weeds that is about 5 ft tall that I believe the deer are bedding down in. Do yall think if I bush hogged the 5 acre field I'd spook him out of that spot? I don't know what time of day he's coming through as I don't have a trail camera. How do yall think I could get after him?

Sheridan 12-05-2015 12:07 PM

If it were me, I would take my chances on the ground and set-up with a view of the largest opening near those rubs & scrapes (clip some branches / bushes and make a few shooting lanes).

Play the wind and plan any future attempts, based on what you see if you don't score on your first effort !

Don't blow them out of there !!!

Oldtimr 12-05-2015 12:35 PM

Knock the weds down next year before the season. I wouldn;t do it this year anymore.

alleyyooper 12-06-2015 01:05 AM

Around my area running a tractor is a normal, the deer are used to people running a tractor so brush hogging would not bother then except they would not be bedding in the grass any longer but they would still be moving around in the woods. Maybe even stand and watch you mow the grass down. Once the grass started greening up again they will feed in the field too.

:D Al

13pointjomc 12-07-2015 12:04 PM

I didn't think about that. They should be used to it around here nearly everybody in my little town including myself is cattle farmers lol.

muzzlestuffer 12-07-2015 04:31 PM

i wouldn't brush hog those weeds if that's where there bedding try to figure out where there coming in or going out and build a blind or figure out a way to ambush them it will be boring not seeing many deer but they should be coming and going at dusk that's what iv'e done in the past. also if you can make sure your clean i mean clean no scent your going to be close !! good luck let us know how you made out ??

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