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Nice job on finding that deer. Been there done that on walking right past the damn things 3 or 4 times then finding it while kicking myself in the arse wondering why I didn't see it before. Sometimes, in some situations, even that big ole white belly will just meld into the landscape as well as the rest of it.

As far as the shot choice goes, if a similar situation arises and you are armed with that same rig and load, go for a sternum shot. That 7mm08 coreloct will turn that sternum into several projectiles. Hard quartering to has a tendency, as you found out, to have some strange outcomes with bullet path. Unless you can accurately nail the point of the shoulder you will often times miss lung and heart. Slip just half an inch in front of that point and the results you got are commonplace. It's why I figured out the sternum placement long ago. With a .30-30 though. Don't think, or can't remember anyway, I have had to deal with a hard quartering to me since I started using the 7mm.08 with a deer. Had quite a few with hogs though. I don't particularly like head shots on facing me hogs. Those angled sculls tend to make a bullet just crease rather than punch through unless I am elevated. I've found punching the sternum or right on the point of the shoulder had much better results.
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