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your opinions on hunting retreat

Old 11-27-2015, 05:08 PM
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Default your opinions on hunting retreat

Hello. The family is looking at ways to increase income on the farm.
While the ground is not that good, i'm told it's really good hunting.
We would want to keep it small. Not a whole lot of acres and don't
want to clean out everything. right now we do state walk in hunting
but it just cleans out all the wildlife, you have pickup loads after
pickup loads of hunters all the time.
We want to bring the numbers up and also help the bottom line.
I'm considering getting a new camper, and hooking it up to utilities,
since the closest motel/ hotel is some 35 or more miles away.
I was also considering getting a couple of used atv's, and also
a cooler box system from a truck, for deers could be put in.
We want no more than 1 or two hunters per week....I would like it
to be either a couple of friends or a father and son or daughter.
They can get out and spend some quality time together, either
hunting, atv riding, or staying in the camping trailer and just
talking....town is 30 miles away or more.
i'm thinking a 6 day package....I would also put some grocery in
the camper.....this is not going to be the most fancy place, and
i'm not going to guarantee you a deer, but what do you feel
such a retreat would be worth ?
we would be in the high plaines.

thank you !!
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Old 11-27-2015, 05:42 PM
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Would need a whole lot more information as to acreage, land access, type of land as far as woodland or prairie or a mixture of both, all kinds of things to give you what I would consider an informed opinion on price.
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You don't even say where this farm is located. How much is being used for farming vs how much is wooded? What kind of genetics are on the property? Way to little info
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I don't want to put out things right now, I'm told competition will do
Everything to cut you down.

It would be in north central Kansas.
Over 700 acre with pasture, upland
Cultivation and creek.

We have been on TV working with
Special turkey hunts for cancer
Patients and wounded warrior
Hunts. A record deer was taken
Several miles away.

We have had several offers from
Out of state hunters calling it

We were in talks with two national
Lease companies and offers were
In excess of $10/ ac.

Please don't talk to me about qdma
Stuff...those people are nuts and
Just want your money. I've talk
To so many that talk corn..
Me and the state wildlife biologist
Laugh at them...best for deer here
Is Milo, soybeans and alfalfa.

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Well if your going to provide ATV's to ride just get all the liability insurance you can afford twice to cover several millions if sued.

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You've got to separate what you'd like it to be vs what it really would be. Specifically, you will have to run the place like a business or lose your butt seriously if you aren't careful. If you are determined to move forward on this, it would be wise to get an accountant. Accountants in the area should be familiar with such requirements and would be crucial to your success. All conversations/plans would be confidential. They could help w/a business plan and let you know if or what is viable.
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Unfortunately, things like this come with allot of baggage. As Game Stalker said you would need to make sure it's all properly ran. Otherwise eventually someone will sue you for something. Dumb, but that's the culture now. If you have deer, have land, and have a place to stay, people will come hunt it. You say screw qdma... The people willing to pay you, are looking for quality deer. I don't care about antlers, and I'm not willing to pay you to stay at your property. The people that are willing to pay, probably care about anters. Just some thoughts.
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$10 an acre? I need to move to Kansas.
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Put it on a season long lease and be done with it.
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Originally Posted by rockport
$10 an acre? I need to move to Kansas.
Yeah no bull. But he is correct about a LOT of the QDMA folks and their retarded ideas. Some of the associations ideas are viable but, over the long run, many of their "plans" suck wind.
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