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your opinions on hunting retreat

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your opinions on hunting retreat

Old 11-28-2015, 07:29 AM
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Hello. Thank you for your honest opinions. I guess we had the simple notion of having a retreat type of deal, where they could
come out and enjoy nature, get a deer...another part was to
have a building converted to a processing plant, they take in the deer they got, have a grinder there, also a dehydrator and smoker and
have the supplies on hand, from seasonings to casing....even those
little plastic bags that have ground deer printed on them...that would
be an additional fee, wouldn't be fair to charge, if they didn't have a need to use it.
but, you fellows are right...while the atv would be fun, I've been told
they are a liability nightmare.....and as for the qdma stuff. I had a fellow contact me the other day, wanted to lease some ground, oh he said he would follow the qdma guidelines...this fellow was from flordia. I've read their stuff, and then shake my head...seems they push corn a lot...look how thin the lower jaw is of a deer compare to
that of an ole cow...the deer is thin...they have to break the corn up
and that will damage the teeth...and all this wild clover and stuff for
deer, they will do just fine with other stuff.....have grain, water,
cover, and a few salt licks, and if possible fruit trees......you'll have
deer. I've seen some pretty good sized ones on milo, soybeans and alfalfa.
to the last fellow who wrote, $10 an acre...does that sound cheap ?
We have been approached by "hunting clubs"...they do a good song
and dance.....same as walk in hunting....you'll have a different bunch
other there every day......the poor wildlife don't even have a chance.
again, thank you
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Old 11-28-2015, 08:21 AM
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Not sure just what you intend to accomplish with your rants. If you're concerned about the "wildlife not having a chance" then you're not controlling what happens on your place. You could do a season long lease and put any sort of restrictions in place you want. You can limit the number of deer taken, you can limit the size of buck you allow shot, you can limit the method of take to something like archery. There are people that will agree to your terms and pay what the market will bear.

As to your statements about corn, you don't know much about deer, They have no problem eating corn and it sure won't hurt their jaws. Ever seen how many deer hang out in corn fields? What do you think they are eating? Besides they eat acorns and other hard mast with no problems so why would you think corn would bother them.

After reading your posts 3 times I'm still not sure exactly what you're trying to do.
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Old 11-28-2015, 08:57 AM
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Corn certainly isn't bad for deer or turkey. They love it and it gives them lots of food even after it is picked or cut. It isn't the best for the soil though. Too many farmers aren't rotating their crops often enough around here and just dump more cow crap on it causing more phosphorous to leach into the lake. As far as the OP I would say it would be far easier to just lease the land to a hunter or group of hunters. To provide a retreat or cabin rental would mean multiple parties coming in over the seasons which would require much more work and probably not generate any more money than a $7,000.00 lease. Lease for a month and set some rules on game/ size limits...take it or leave it. Kansas is hot now and shouldn't have any problem with selling a lease.
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Old 11-28-2015, 09:25 AM
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LOL, Grumpy, you must have never seen a deer feed on corn. It's actually kinda funny to watch. They don't "break it up". They get the ear in their mouths and kinda spin it with their tongue. Rakes off the kernels all nice and proper. Go look in a corn field where deer have been feeding and you will see stripped ears not broken up chewed up ears.
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Old 11-28-2015, 10:20 AM
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Whoa, $10 for an acre of land in Kansas? If I misunderstood could someone correct me.
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Old 11-28-2015, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MattAZ12908bow243 View Post
Whoa, $10 for an acre of land in Kansas? If I misunderstood could someone correct me.
He's being low balled for lease options on hunting.
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Old 11-28-2015, 11:13 AM
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Thank you for all the replys. I'm basicly thinking out loud and trying
to get input from others that are "on the other side of the fence".
some of the things I've mentioned is things we have talked about on
"this side" of the fence. A lot of fellows thank me for letting them
hunt..they say there is getting fewer and fewer places to go, and so
much of it they charge for or charge an arm and a leg. I've known
a lot of these fellows for years, knew their dads and grandpa's.
But, things have changed, commodities are down, and the margins
are not good, so everything must be examined.
As for the qdma...since I have state walk in hunting, I have got to
know the area biologist. I know in deer hunting qdma is talked about,
same as phesants forever is talked about. Things are different in the
Midwest than the east, which much of the qdma is based on. Around
here, we do not have much corn at all, cost too much to plant, and not enough moisture. I know with cattle, you need to crack the
corn or even better roll it, cows can really wear down their teeth
cracking the corn...maybe in those other places the deer eat the
corn because there is nothing else ???? Here the deer love to eat
milo, the eat about half the head, and the seed is smaller. They also
love the soybeans, and also the green soybean plant, they also like
the alfalfa. Clover is not popular here, due to low yields, and also
it can cause bleeding.
The hunting clubs or outfitters, kind of rub me the wrong way. They
keep bringing people out...and they will be in brand new vehicles,
brand new clothes, and are not dirty, want everything turn-key
just put a big deer in front of me, and bang....don't even dress
their own deer, etc, and they go to town to drink, and must have
a shower before they go out drinking and eating.......i'm sorry,
I don't call that hunting, but I guess that is called "business".
I guess we were wanting to "get back to basics", where either a
couple of buddies, or a father and son or daughter, can get together
and have "quality time", and pass on hunting, take the kid out and
teach him or her, rather than what is seen on the tv, where it is
many times put on, and all they can talk about is outfitters, who
pay to keep the show on the air.
the idea is they might not get the biggest deer out there, might
even get a doe....but they hunted, and learned....maybe that's
not done anymore....the idea of adding the processing plant was
suggested, get the deer the first couple of days, then process it,
and we would have the stuff there to do it. someone said it would
be an added benefit, so when they go home, their coolers are
full...again, they young ones could learn how to make the different
items in the "plant"...wouldn't cost much, a dehydrator, smoker,
grinder, a couple of freezers, and some spice inventory, and casing,
and a stuffer.
perhaps this is too basic a concept, and can't compete with the "business and adventure" of the turn key operations.
also was trying to maybe get an idea of what you fellows think
such a "retreat" would be worth, to give an idea of what the
numbers would look like.

again, many thanks.
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Old 11-28-2015, 12:39 PM
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Quite frankly I believe you are proposing way too many things before you even have the basics worked out. Why don't you just start with a fee to hunt for X number of days, bed and board and see how that goes. Most hunters believe it or not don't know how to smoke or process their deer so I would't entertain the do it yourself processing idea at least until you know what you are doing for a few years. You don't start out cold at 100 mph, you start our at maybe 30mph.
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Old 11-30-2015, 01:22 PM
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I think you are onto a great idea! I like your thought process and would absolutely do something like this. I live in Vermont and often travel to area states to hunt. In Vermont, New Hampshire, and Mass if it is not posted it is open for hunting whether private or public ground. In New York the deer are much easier to come by but you must lease or hunt public ground which is out of control as far as hunter numbers. The idea of going through a fully outfitted hunt out of state does not interest me at all. Myself and buddies are used to scouting, hunting, dragging, and processing our own deer. Having an opportunity to hunt in a state like Kansas without being on crowded public ground and being able to hunt the way we do back home would be very desirable. As far as a price without knowing the ground specifically I would be willing to pay $500 a person for a week. That price factors in providing our own food, stands, and buying our own license. These are just my thoughts as someone who hunts the Northeast. Maybe I am way off for a midwest hunt but is how I would look at it.

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