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Pumpkins? Oh the Joy of Hunting on Public Land

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Default Pumpkins? Oh the Joy of Hunting on Public Land

What do pumpkins and deer hunting have in common?

For a very early November hunting experience, there should be zero correlation. But unfortunately, there was an intersection.

So another peaceful*evening, watching deer... Interrupted.

How? By pumpkins of course!

So there is this doe that appeared to be in her core area in an island of trees at the North end of a crop field currently planted with winter wheat.

She appeared like clockwork at the same point three nights that I watched the field.

Her consistency could have turned into a good thing, for either her or me,*in that at some point Mr. Buck is going to come calling.

But it also appears that some random subset of humans was out to spoil the four legged critter's love life, and my hunting experience.

Five nights earlier a bumbling hunter came driving into the same field, exactly at sunset no less (not 30+ minutes after sunset as a courteous hunter would), big buck prime time,*even though driving in the crop fields in this public hunting ground*isn't allowed. Mrs. Doe and three of her friends pulled an exit, stage left as fast as their legs could carry them in that fiasco.

In this episode, Halloween was just past, so the services of*Mr. And Mrs.*Pumpkin were no longer needed.*

But what is the connection?

So at the South*end of the field there*is a nice scenic creek. Beautiful rock formations. Nice view. On the West side, a road. The road passes over the creek, so as is typical, there is a bridge over the creek.

One thing learned in the Army, almost everything person does has an impact on others. I guess that is*a general concept taught in*economics and a list of other college courses also.

Where does that fit into this tale?

Here is the equation; add a hunter watching a doe in a field, a*road, a bridge, a creek, pumpkins,*plus the end of the*Halloween celebration, and what do you get? Good grief Charlie Brown, tell us the mystery of the Great Pumpkin! Snoopy needs to get back to chasing the Red Barron!*

It all equals a guy pulling up to the bridge, jumping out of his truck to toss*a truck load of pumpkins off the bridge into the creek. And unbeknownst to him, I presume, all done with impeccable timing, in the last hour of the day no less.

The doe ran for her life as fast as she could to escape the squadron of the flying pumpkins. And, neither her, nor any of her boyfriends, were coming back to visit.
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I would have got his license # and reported him.don't know what your laws are for certain but I would suspect it is illegal to dump in creeks. at least it is here.
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