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jerry d 11-26-2015 08:12 AM

Originally Posted by Ridge Runner (Post 4229346)
I don't know some may call it a rant, here goes

I post some about killing deer at long range, its legal, I enjoy it, I do have a pretty good grasp on what I'm doing, took me over 20 years to become comfortable doing it, spent a lot of money, and countless hours preparing, learning, getting efficient at it.
for years I sat on the same rock and killed way more deer at 2 to 80 yards than most folks can comprehend. Why do folks scorn it?
why am I an unethical slob because I know exactly where my bullet will hit 8 football fields away if the conditions are to my liking?
I once started a thread about a kill beyond 1K, I was constantly explaining over and over why I took the shot what I went through as far as variables to make sure I was right, yet still 23 pages of its not ethical, too many variables. I had the thread deleted because those who know the least about what I do think they know the most.
so why is LR hunting not ethical?
If I can get a legitimate reason I will respond, but the typical reasons which most talk about I will not address such as
you don't know the wind (yes I do I measure it)
you don't know the wind over there (yes I do I measure it here and compare it to there)
the deer don't know your there (if they knew you were there at 50 yards would you get a shot?)
so have at it

Ridge, why would care what ANYONE thought, especially anyone on the internet??????

MZS 11-26-2015 09:23 AM

I say good for you if you can get a deer at that range. You obviously have the equipment to do it. I shoot at the range I am confident at. That might be 120 yds max with what I have to work with and my shooting skills. But my 120 yd shot is probably no more accurate than your 600 yd shot.

MudderChuck 11-26-2015 09:41 AM

Originally Posted by jerry d (Post 4230311)
Ridge, why would care what ANYONE thought, especially anyone on the internet??????

Obviously he cares or he wouldn't have asked the question. Caring is good. And it goes beyond what other people think on the internut. I care about the animals I harvest. People who don't care or lack any sort of empathy, have a problem.

Champlain Islander 11-26-2015 11:43 AM

I am glad he brought it up simply from an educational stand point. I always knew people shot at long ranges but didn't understand all that went into getting to that level of marksmanship. I imagine it is quite a rush getting past a few of the barriers. The easy part probably is in the beginning those last few hundred yards probably come tough.

Champlain Islander 11-26-2015 11:46 AM

Originally Posted by super_hunt54 (Post 4230310)
At your ranges CI, it has a negligible effect. Basically, it's the Barometric pressure that effects the bullets drop. With the air being thinner, the bullet is experiencing less resistance. Gravity is still a constant and it's downward rate of speed is the same, but with less air resistance its forward path is easier. The higher the altitude, the higher your Ballistic Coefficient is going to be. But out to 300 yards with your setup the difference would be less than 1/8 of an inch (educated guess of your muzzle velocity and BC calculations). Now when you start poking out to 600+ is when you will have to dial up less than you would at say 2000 feet ALT. At least noticeably more.

Thanks and that won't be happening. I know my limits. I am not known as a great shot but am a pretty decent old style hunter.

Ridge Runner 11-26-2015 05:27 PM

I always leave the altitude at "Zero" but I carry a barometer and enter the station pressure (barometric pressure at my location) into my handheld, the program adjusts my BC for me

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