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Show your deer rifle

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Originally Posted by Bocajnala
..... Keep poking holes RR.
His money, his time, his hunt, his business. End of story!
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Thanks guys, the gibbs is ready, I will be looking for my 29th harvest beyond 600 yards come Monday, most folks walk in the checking station and are asked by the locals "How big"? all I'm asked is how far?
sept 23rd I had one damage permit left, needed to fill it and a buddy wanted some meat, I talk LR shooting a lot, but shoot within a small group of about 25 people, they tell their friends, and most of it is dismissed as BS.
We were watching a rye field along a public highway in the eve, and deer were starting to appear, here comes 3 vehicles, aquaintences who stopped to see what was going on, guy asked ya groundhog hunting? nope, got to fill a deer permit. where he said, there were 4 deer in the rye, lazered a big doe at 682, set the scope, as the trigger broke I knew she was gonna be hit, at impact she hit the ground got up, ran to the field edge and fell.
as we were packing up, the 3 trucks drove away without saying a word, when we were driving to pick her up, my buddy was all smiles, I asked what? he said, the legend just grew some more!
good shooting all
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This question should be "deer RifleS"... but when I get real mad at the deer and need to put one down I grab my Remmy 700 .30-06
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Originally Posted by RWK
I'm sorry get of your assets and get a lot closer!
well I got off my assets, went the wrong darn way, I've probably walked farther to retrieve game than you hunt in a day!

warbird, my apologies for highjacking your thread, but I just couldn't resist

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The show us you deer rifles kind got lost in the fray here.
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Yup but it is an old issue... one of which has generated a lot of discussion back and forth. I can't think of a shooting range in my state where I could even sight in at more than 300yds. I have seen some yote shows with long distance sniper type shots and find it fascinating. Just another aspect of pushing the limits and expertise into the stratosphere. OK my part of the hijacking is done. Back to the guns at least for me.
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deer rifles it is

270 wea. ruger #1, custom 700 7RRmm Allen Mag., custom 700 7mm STW, 700 BDL 7mm Rem. mag
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Ultra Light Arms model 20 50cal ML

Green Mountain 54-120 LE Brush Gun

Knight Super DISC 45

Savage MLII with a Pacnor 45 super match grade 458 1-22 barrel. This one is more of a range queen but its hammered a couple deer
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My other deer rifle is a Win. 670 in .243. And it too is a tack driver. Love shooting it.
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.243 Ackley with a Huskemaw 4-16

6.5x284...its getting turned into a lightweight .270 pretty soon

Howa .243 that I gave to the wife and she bought me a twin last year

Magnum Research Mountain Eagle .270 Win. It's been traded since.

Ruger 7mm Rem Mag that is now a .240 Artzer Mag...

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