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all day hunts

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Default all day hunts

gonna hunt all day saturday. should i move from my morning treestand into a different one in the afternoon? or would that spook a lot of deer
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Originally Posted by Muzzleloaderhunter
gonna hunt all day saturday. should i move from my morning treestand into a different one in the afternoon? or would that spook a lot of deer
Personally I prefer to sit with the sun either behind me or to the left. So what is working in the morning isn't in the afternoon so that would require moving. But most importantly, consider the prevailing wind direction and any change it may make during the day.

As to the actual moving I cannot stress enough that the moving should be done very slowly, stopping very often and just searching ahead for any sign of a movement. This is more of a true hunting method.#1 many deer are "jumped" this way and #2 just walking thru the woods normally, many deer see you and you don't see them skidaddling.
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It shouldn't be an issue if you are moving slow and quietly to your new location and do not leave your scent everywhere.
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Tough for my old self to sit all day. Once upon a time I seldom came in before dark unless I was "draggin". But truthfully, these days I'll probably not "day long hunt" more than 5-6 days. As far as where I decide to set up .... always to take advantage of the wind direction. I will definitey move if the wind changes. Even if only 20-30 yards.
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Sitting all day in Florida right now would be brutal. Between 80 and 90 degrees. No thanks. I have never sat all day where I hunt. Not saying its not worth it, it's just to hot.
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I always have a mid dayish break on all day hunts, the urine bottle gets full and not all of nature fits in a bottle. Use this time to make your move.
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I have pretty always much hunted all day and not moving to a new location at mid day. When I was younger it was tough to keep telling my self not to go rambling just because I had that urge to see what was behind that pine tree over there. Plus never had an enclosed blind till 2003 so some times just getting up to stretch would trigger that urge to move most times though I stuck with that spot.

Today I have enclosed blinds and have heaters in them I choose one for the day and stay there. Normally I will choose a different one the next day unless I am seeing a lot of deer form the one I am presently in.

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I mostly still hunt so moving is always a part of that style of hunting. Move slow enough to see them before they see you always keeping the wind in your favor. In all fairness though you need big woods to hunt that way.
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