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Public land...

Old 11-01-2015, 06:37 AM
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Flags, You could have given them the opportunity to learn the fine art of putting on a deer drive!
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Yeah, I would never mark my hunting spot on public land. I try to find spots near "fisherman's parking" so most folks don't even know I am hunting when I park. Never want to let others know I am in there. Either they will try to mess things up and/or steal my game cam if I leave one, or they will move in on my spot.

Too bad your nice spot might be wrecked. It has happened to me several times. Once on public land and once on my land when a neighbor built on my fenceline just 100 yds from what was becoming a yearly producer of nice bucks. Just have to move on.
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Originally Posted by tndrbstr
Flags, You could have given them the opportunity to learn the fine art of putting on a deer drive!
Wouldn't work in that area. Too many interconnecting draws with really dense oak brush. No way one shooter could watch it right. It was easier to back out, let them have it and fill the tag elsewhere.
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The dude with the boltcutters may have just lost the key to the chain he uses to secure his stand.

Sorry, I know you're upset, but the idea of staking out a claim to your own private hunting preserve on PUBLIC land made me laugh.

When I was teaching my wife to hunt, before we married, she wondered why we weren't going out during firearm deer season (11/15-11/30). So I took her out to the woods one day. Lots and lots of orange clad people out there. In some places, it looks almost like a field of pumpkins.

We only hunt public land. There is lots and lots of public land in Michigan. But firearm season in southern lower Michigan is just too crowded.
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Public land. Maybe he needed the bolts cutters for a lawful purpose... maybe not. Glad your stuff was still there. I hunt public land often and carry everything in and out.
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I understand all of yalls points. We mark the road at the point we park just like every hunter does in this area. Its a common sign and courtesy we hunters do over here. Not sure for other states but here thats what we do. You wouldnt find my bright eyes leading into my stand unless you literally walk way down deep in there. Thing is he didnt come out the way he came in so I have really no clue what he was doing lol. I wish I had the money for a lease or my own private land but I dont and I kno sooner or later this would happen.. Just thankful last year I killed my first deer with a bow back there and a buck at that 9 points (my avatar pic) and was featured in woods n water magazine. Sorry for ranting.
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rebel, for what it's worth I love to hunt public land. But it does have it's down sides.
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Old 11-02-2015, 03:46 PM
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I actually enjoy hunting public land... I like the idea of hunting common ground with everyone else and still coming out with the best buck, or at least making an honest attempt. The majority of my bucks have come from public land.

I don't mind seeing hunters,or in your case flags, cause it tells me where "not" to hunt. Most guys over hunt the same spots and areas for years, I just find the little over looked spots where they go around everybody else.
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Bright eyes and other markings that people put out to find their way to their stand are litter. Having to mark a trail to your stand shows not enough preparation or knowledge of the area you are hunting and also is a pathway to your stand for anyone with a flashlight. It is also illegal on public land in my state.
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Admittedly I belong to a hunting club in SoCal.

Now I did hunt public land in NJ when I was a young man, however I'm sure those areas I hunted have "changed"........................

IMO - There will always be a certain "pride" in take game from Public Land !!!
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