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lung cut-bottom, midle or top

Old 10-12-2015, 06:20 PM
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Default lung cut-bottom, midle or top

Typically I aim for a heart kill, but if I go high, I'm curious on which double lung cut would give the fastest kill (low, mid or high).
With a high cut it takes longer to get a steady blood trail, but once full it drowns. With a low cut, it froths out blood sooner but does it take longer to drown or bleed out. A mid cut on the lung probably has some of both advantages and disadvantages.
Which height on a double lung cut would cause the deer to travel the shortest distance? If it isn't the low cut, is the low cut still better so you get a sooner good blood trail even if it travels farther?
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Old 10-12-2015, 07:39 PM
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I don't think it's gonna make a lot of difference to the deer either way.
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Old 10-12-2015, 08:27 PM
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Tuna, one of the wonderful things about lung shots is the fact you don't really have to wait long for them to "fill up" because they start blowing blood out of the nose and mouth fairly quickly. Dang near instantly in my experience. Then when they try to breathe they start blowing it out of the wounds. High and low actually makes little to no difference really.
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Old 10-13-2015, 03:55 AM
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Think of it like a balloon. Does it matter if you stick it high, center or low, its going to pop no matter!!!! Same with a deers lungs, hit it low, center or high, its going to die. Just have to make sure you hit them though!!!
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I concur with others, that it makes little difference if the lungs are cut through high, low or dead center. In my 50+ years of white tail deer hunting, I have seen no significant differernce in how long it takes for the deer to expire, in the difficulty tracking, or the distance traveled after the shot, etc. As for heart shots ... no doubt as good a shot placement as there is. BP drops like a hammer and the deer will go down very quickly. But again, a small target area with little room for error.

Using a high power rifle, a hard hitting shot gun slug, or a big ol' 50 cal. muzzle loader bullet, etc. .... missing a few inches high-low or left-right more times than not makes little difference. These result in long, wide wound channels with terrific shock damage aalong the way.

Obviously a broadhead has to clean cut something vital. A heart shot ... miss 3" - 4" high you are likely hitting hard, tough bone and may not get the penetration to cause a fatal injury. I have tracked such shots for hours upon hours with no success in recovery. Or miss a few inches low, you end up slicing the brisket. If not high enough to clip a largeartery or vein, the deer will likely not bleed out quickly if at all. Last fall for example my bud made such a shot, though aiming for the heart of a large doe. It dropped like a hammer and lay there for over an hour. When my buddy came down and approached, she jumped and hauled a$$. He tracked for over an hiour and gave up for lack of blood trail. My tracking dog got to the trail about 4 hours later. She trailed the doe almost a mile and we found the doe lying down, unable to get up. We dispatched her quickly. No dog ... no deer. If that shot had been 2"-3" higher, it would have been a perfect heart shot.

Don't get me wrong Big Tuna. A heart shot is a 100%, drop dead, quickly killing shot. Make it if you can. I just go for the double lunger every chance I get, archery or firearm. And at my age, a big kill zone is welcomed !!
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Lung hit = Dead Deer. Really doesn't matter if it is high, middle or low. Punch the lungs and you will also punch your tag. Dead is dead.
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The only difference in lung shots is if you hit one or both lungs. Double lungs shots kill faster. The times I have put major effort into tracking a deer have included a single lung shot and shoulder hits with a bow. Being mindful of quartering shots will help avoid that. With Indiana legal low velocity firearms I aim high lung to stay safe if bullet drop comes into play. As a plus, 3 out the last 6 deer I have killed with a firearm have been dropped dead deer with severed spines. The other 3 were double lung hits. With a high powered rifle just aim for the vitals, bullet drop and shoulders are not such a potential issue.
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Middle for me. This provides the most insurance that a less-than-perfect shot will still be lethal.
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In my experience, with a gun it doesn't matter.

With a bow, the lower the lung shot the better the blood trail. BUT...its kinda a moot point if its a double lung, cause they usually don't run far anyhow. One lung hits however, depending on where hit...you can sometimes be in for a long tough track, and sometimes amazingly they can even survive it.
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I am usually in my tree stand to archery hunt so I'll take it top to bottom
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