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Ultimate deer bait/attractant - PLEASE HELP >

Ultimate deer bait/attractant - PLEASE HELP

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Ultimate deer bait/attractant - PLEASE HELP

Old 09-05-2015, 04:55 AM
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Here is an example of what you can get and a price list.


My friend in West Virginia just sent me an E Mail this morning. His son is planting 1000 trees on his property but has to have protector's.

"they made him go with wire after he had already bought plastic,,,,,,pd him about $4700."

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Old 09-05-2015, 06:00 AM
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One thing about buck bomb, deer cocain and the other things that soak into the soil is if you are using them for trail cams or during the closed deer season and you live in a state that does not allow hunting over bait, the ground will still have the stuff in it when the season opens making the property baited. It is a simple matter of having having the ground tested and you could have a problem. Just something to think about . In my state all traces of bait must be gone for at least 30 days before it is legal to hunt the area.
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Old 09-05-2015, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by MISwampDog
I have thought about the seedling idea for pine trees. never knew I could get them for so cheap. Something I am going to check out for sure. thanks.
I've planted some Deer habitat. Something to think on is a way to protect each plant until it can get established. A whole lot more work to put up some sort of protection for the small plants than planting them. Deer prefer small plants and seedlings. They will sure enough eat them faster than you can plant them in my experience.

Kind of regional, but winter Canola will definitely draw Deer. Just a little late to plant this year, it may not sprout and/or grow much (depends on the weather) before the first frost makes it go dormant. Deer love the stuff, the small sweet sprouts will draw them right past other plots. Sugar is natures anti freeze and young winter Canola plants have a lot of sugar in them.

I really like Canola (Rape), deep roots so it tolerates dry periods well. An established plot can reseed itself for years. Planted densely it chokes out most weeds. When it grows it creates a dense yard high thicket, that really draws small game.

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