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New Hunter with a question

Old 03-05-2015, 01:46 PM
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Yes on offering to help pay for the food plots but I would also ask that my name be on the lease as half of lease as I paid for that. Yes I would pay half of that.
If your buddy balks at that - then I would be careful. You could be putting money into a food plot that you might or might not get benefit of using. He may be using you for his own means. I would ask that it be in writing.

Just me though as I have been there before.
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You haven't mentioned whether your friend purchased the land or if he is leasing it. If he leased it, then I agree with JW, offer to pay half the lease and have your name on it. Then, if he agrees to that, you both can discuss the rules. If he doesn't, then you may want to find another place to hunt. I only see problems in the feature if you just agree to pay for half the plots, stands and blinds. There is no way I would ever agree to his terms if I was paying for all that and then I'm not allowed to shoot any big bucks. Sounds like, to me, that your buddy is being a little selfish.
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If you can't shoot a big buck I still don't think asking you to bring your own equipment is out of line....Stand/Blind ETC.

I personally think half the food plot may be crossing the line but Specifics would be important though. To me your hunting equipment is completely your responsibility so I'm just going to through that out all together.....You definitely don't get any control just because you brought your own deer stand/blind.

I guess it really just depends on how much money he wants you to spend on the plot.
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Sounds to me like he may be trying to develop a decent deer herd. Leaving the big boys alone for 2 or 3 years while getting the herd to stay on, or close, to the property will aid in the genetic development of the herd. Getting rid of the scrubs and making the buck-doe ratio much closer will, in a few years time, improve the over all genetic development of the herd.

Ask him if that is what he is trying to accomplish. If that is it, then by all means go along with it. It will be good for the deer as well as good for your freezer. Bucks over 4 years old are pretty much only fit for burger and sausage. So taking out a 3 or 4 year old thats sporting a spindly little fork horn will be great for the freezer and great for the overall genetic structure of the herd.
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When Your a Guest on Someone else's Land Your pretty well at their mercy and have to follow what rules they make.I can see if He wanting to let Smaller Bucks walk and to only take a Buck over a certain size....to have You chip in on the food plots,work and buy a stand and blind and not let You shoot a decent Buck as He would do isn't fair at all in my opinion?

If His goals are to thin out the Doe's and have a closer ratio of Bucks to Doe's then it's seems like a good idea....ask Him more questions about His Goals and how You fit in and what's expected of You now and in the future!

Land is expensive to buy and maintain so You have to look at things in His perspective....if You feel Your being asked to add more than You can afford or will get out of the deal then look for a different place to Hunt or find some Public Land to Hunt.Weigh out what You have to gain by staying or will be loosing if You go somewhere else or if You are better off finding a different place to Hunt?

When Your Hunting there's no guarantee of You or Your Hunting Partner seeing a Big Buck or it passing by His stand and not Yours....Good Scouting,Experience,being in the right place at the right time and Good Ol Luck is a big factor in seeing and getting a nice Deer!

When You improve Your Land by making food plots,some type of water source,adding minerals/salt and making it desirable for the Deer to stay there more it helps each Hunter there that put in Time,Money & hard Work!

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My view .... a person asks me to help out, but restricts what I can take ... I knew that going in. If I choose to go, I follow my buddies wishes. The way i see it, unless I go on my buddy's place I might not get to hunt at all. And for sure doe meat tastes great .... and it'd be a thrill to see a big buck.

Having said that, the club I am in has a buck kill limit (1/season) and a fee for doing so applied to a guest. Its not much of a fee. Just enough to make the guest thinik about it. But at the same time that guest can earn that buck by doing club beneficial work .... working on food plots, bush hogging woods roads, camp house upkeep, fence and gate repair, etc.
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Originally Posted by rapidfire1 View Post
This year he came to me saying I need to start saving for half of the food plot, a stand, and blind. My question is this normal educate for a guest to purchase these things?
Originally Posted by rockport View Post
I personally think half the food plot may be crossing the line but Specifics would be important though. To me your hunting equipment is completely your responsibility so I'm just going to through that out all together.....You definitely don't get any control just because you brought your own deer stand/blind.
I agree with rockport on this fully. If you think about it. If you are wanting to hunt, whether there or elsewhere, You will want/need to have a stand/blind or both. So to go ahead and get those would be a good idea because those items are, under most conditions, a one time purchase.

I personally have 4 treestands and two ground blinds in my arsenal and am looking to get another stand. With the limited info you've given so far, it's hard to really gauge your situation and give you a proper response, which is why you're getting a broad spectrum of answers.

I also agree with JW in asking, if it is indeed a lease, for your name to be put on it and to pay half that way there will be full equality and you aren't at his mercy. But your money situation will probably be the deciding factor in that and that's none of our business!

Good luck and I hope we helped you out in your decision!

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Default Hunters are becoming farmers

And not every hunter should or is a farmer.

It's getting to the point that leasing fees isn't enough. That time has to be taken for food plots, planting, and fertilization, just like a farmer.

If the cost and time needed to spend on a farm not owned is too great, I see every hunters right not to participate. A hunter without leasing or any ownership rights can be at a specific disadvantage.

Just because it's hunting doesn't make the situation good for the prospective hunter.
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After all these posts I still haven't seen the op answer the question: did his friend buy the land or is it a lease? If it is a lease, how much has he paid. Would the op be the only other person allowed to hunt the property? All these things have a bearing on whether or not the op is getting a good deal. He also didn't say what his contribution would be to hunt and contribute to the maintainance of the property. Is the restriction on large buck part of a management plan? Without having those answers none of us can give an informed opinion on the OP's questions. I do find it strange the OP questions having to obtain his own stand and or blind.

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Thanks for all of the responses guys. I met my buddy at a bar after work yesterday had a few beers and discussed this with him. He is the owner of the property he does not lease it. I basically wrote every question I could think of on a piece of paper and asked him every question I could think of. That way I knew what I was getting myself into and we didn't loose our friendship over a communication issue from the start. With him stressing how expensive food plots were when we first talked I assumed he would want me to half that expense. He said he did not expect me to pay for that at all. Just strictly labor to get all of them in. He said he did not want me to feel like I was so invested that I would consider myself equal to him. He told me just pick up a few nice stands, and a blind and help me with the plots and we would be good to go. He said he will be spending several thousand dollars on the property and wouldn't expect me to pay for that. Him and I will be the only people hunting the ground. He said we will not be over hunting it though bc he does not want to pressure the deer. He said we will both go in and shoot the first decent does we see then let the ground sit for a while then go back in. I felt relieved. I didn't know how this conversation was going to go. It went very well and I appreciate the responses I got from you guys going into this. He basically said just throw up a stand and blind a year and help me out and you will have a place to hunt. He is trying to get the neighbor to let us hunt his 30 acres that are connected to his as well so we can hunt more often. Thanks again guys like I said I am new to all this and looking forward to it.

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