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Outdoor Addiction 02-12-2015 09:53 AM

The Hunt That Changed My Life
What's up guys! I'm new to this site but have about 8 years hunting under my belt! I'm 23 years old and live in a small town in Greene Co., IN. In my time hunting I've learned a lot about myself. Being a hunter is about more than shooting the first critter you see and takes a lot more work than waking up and grabbing your gun. Personally I prefer using my bow but I like the challenge a lot more.

Patience is the number one key! My first year was a fluke. But it really got me interested. I had a buddy that had tried to get me to go for several years and I just didn't have the interest. One November evening we were hanging out and he said, "Let's go. I'm taking you hunting." So he took me to his stand (which I helped set up) and got me situated. He left and went to his ground blind a little ways away and told me that if I see one SHOOT IT! So after getting to the stand at around 6:15 PM I sat anxiously not expecting to ever see anything. But lo and behold a single doe came strolling in 25 yards to my left. With much hesitation I got myself into position and took the shot. Greatly to my surprise the doe dropped in her spot! The level of adrenaline I had at that moment was unmatched to anything I had experienced before! From then on I wanted to know everything there was about deer and began researching them and asking people I knew everything I could squeeze out of them.

To this day, hunting is the most time consuming, yet rewarding thing, that I do! I wouldn't want to spend my time anywhere else if I didn't have to! Moral of the story is that all it takes to get someone interested is that one opportunity to harvest an animal, no matter the species, and you can change a life forever! So if you haven't yet and you get the chance, take a young one with you next time you go and let them experience it, show them the way, and be an example of what a true sportsman really is!

Oldtimr 02-12-2015 10:04 AM

You said you never hunted but your buddy was trying to get you to go but you had no interest, then one day he says come on we are going hunting and you went and killed a deer. What I did not see was that you took a hunter education course and obtained a hunter ed card so you could buy a license or that you had a license when you went hunting with your buddy!

Outdoor Addiction 02-12-2015 10:07 AM

I had taken the course the year before and actually had the license to hunt because my older cousin at the time was also wanting to take me and I decided that it wouldn't hurt to have it. It was legal I just didn't feel it was necessary to add all of that nonsense in there

Topgun 3006 02-12-2015 10:10 AM

There ya go, as it's all cleared up! However, I would also caution the newbie OP that taking the required course to hunt and having the proper license to do so, along with the proper permit to shoot the doe are "not a lot of nonsense"! What we don't say many times does not look good and I can fully understand why Oldtimr made the post he did because your short write up did also leave me questioning those same things he brought out. Anyway, welcome to the site and hope you stay around to join in as much as possible. PS: I was born and raised in Lawrence, IN and moved up here to MI in 1962.

Outdoor Addiction 02-12-2015 11:43 AM

Wasn't meaning nonsense as in unimportant just had a lack of wording. But thanks for the welcoming!

Oldtimr 02-12-2015 11:49 AM

Just know, it is not unusual for people to make posts in which, what they say indicates they have committed a violation or violations and they never thought about it until it was brought up. That is why I ask. I am glad you did have a license but your post left that unspoken.

Outdoor Addiction 02-12-2015 12:02 PM

I appreciate it! I'll be sure to clarify better from now on! Thanks!!

rockport 02-12-2015 03:44 PM

Good grief fellas.......Ive never started a hunting story with "I went and bought my hunting license"

deerdust 02-12-2015 04:06 PM

Sometimes what may seem to be the unimportant things to us are what is the most obvious to others. On a public forum, where we are always scrutinized for any thing we may or may not do pertaining to the field of hunting. It is always better to state the obvious to avoid any confusion. Over the years we have seen many post they grabbed their gun or bow and ran to the woods to shoot something. And that was precisely what they did, without tags.

Most of these olé coots have been to all the rodeos. Haha

Welcome to the HNI forums and we look forward to more tales of your hunts. Any questions feel free to ask. The only bad questions are the ones not asked.

jerry d 02-13-2015 10:30 AM

Originally Posted by rockport (Post 4184714)
Good grief fellas.......Ive never started a hunting story with "I went and bought my hunting license"

Who does? LOL! I don't buy a license so I couldn't start my story that way if I wanted to!

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