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Valentine 02-11-2015 04:31 PM

Multi Sportsman
With the cost of equipment these days, do we still have multiple hunters in archery, gun, muzzleloading, and say trout fishing in the spring.
Retired, I'm trying to keep them all going. In some they are done with beginner and intermediate equipment. For trout, I still use less expensive fiberglas rods and not top line reels.

I learned to cut corners years ago. Thinking of going to some carbon arrows and I have an industrial saw all ready, a wooden board to tie the saw down for cutting, and a partial plan to use a aluminum fletcher to do the fletching of arrow.

Or are more going for one sport, say archery and spending money on the better lines. I'm still a "part timer" when it comes to archery, thou I have shot often for years.

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