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Two Deer Down During Rut

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Ive hunted around a lot of guys that think it don't matter. They are usually the same guys that think I'm just lucky an/or their spot just isn't as good.

It does matter. Pretending firing a rifle doesn't effect your hunt is just silly and a way to justify lack of patients IMO.

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Originally Posted by rockport View Post
There are things that are good strategies and then there are things you might get away with. Shooting a hot doe while buck hunting is the later.
The does are why the bucks are there. Shoot a mature doe and you take away the reason for the bucks to stick around.
If you want meat, shoot a fawn. If you want more meat than that, shoot two.
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Originally Posted by rockport View Post
What is your home town?
Grew up in Knox Co - Maquon.
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Originally Posted by rockport View Post
I'll put it this way. If you want to set your goals on a big mature buck you are already playing a low % game and if your blasting doe during the rut your chances are only getting smaller. If you don't care that much sure blast whatever but saying it won't matter is simply wrong.....way wrong.

I can't believe somebody would actually give the advice that firing your gun won't hurt your deer hunting. I mean sure sometimes they don't have a clue what just happened but from my experience a much higher % of the time they run like hell.

Sure that mature buck might be a mile away and he also might be right behind you.

Its not a death sentence to shoot doe during the rut but and like I said if you don't care that much no worries but if you want to be series about harvesting real mature bucks with any consistency you can't just use a bunch of tactics that MIGHT not hurt your already slim chances.
Does your answer change at all using a bow? I rarely gun hunt, and would be taking it with a bow.
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Originally Posted by Weekend Woodsmen View Post
Does your answer change at all using a bow? I rarely gun hunt, and would be taking it with a bow.
No not really.

Understand though I'm not saying don't shoot doe. I'm just telling you shooting doe that walk by your stand in any way can effect your buck hunting.

Its up to you to decide how far you want to go with it but yes a doe you shoot early in the season could have brought a buck by you at some point if she were still alive obviously.

What I usually do is pick my spots. I have spots I will go if I'm looking to tag a doe and I have spots where I won't shoot a doe then I have some spots I leave completely alone until the rut and truth be told the spots I leave completely alone are usually where I have success.

If you don't have the ground available to do that you just have to decide how confident you are in your self and your hunting ground that you can be patient and still get a deer and yes you could let doe walk by all season and never see a buck..that is just how it goes.

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