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ojibwa 11-18-2014 05:30 AM

Best deer tracking dogs in the state
I know we have regional forums but they are dead as a hammer ..

I just wanted to give a shout out to Nick Skinner in GA...

Nick has two bloodhounds that are awesome, they have found deer 72 hours after the shoot..

I got a chance to watch these dog work first hand and was to say the least impressive..

I shot a buck this year with my bow and [I will say it] made a bad hit LIVER with the first shot..
As the deer was walking away I got another arrow in him high in back just in front of the hip at a downward angle and that arrow drove into one lung but did not exit and there was little blood other then a drip and drop here and there.We looked for about an hour and lost blood.

We gave the deer 4 hours then called Nick his dogs were on the deer within 20min..The deer had made a 90 degree turn and gone a totally different direction then we thought. It cost me a $100 but was well worth it.. The deer had only gone a total of 250 to 300yds..

If anyone wants nicks number pm me..

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