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tfhunter 11-16-2014 12:33 PM

Arrows, broad heads, etc...?
I just got a Mathews Switchback XT. It came with a new axion 5 pin sight and a bunch of other stuff. It didnt come with arrows or anything else and i'm not quite sure what i should get for it. It has a 70lb draw weight and a 29.5 in draw length. I will be using it primarily for deer hunting. What are the best arrows and broadheads out there?

bronko22000 11-16-2014 01:20 PM

I will assume the bow fits you as far as draw length and you can draw it at the 70+/- lbs it is set at. If that's the case I would say you can't go wrong with Gold Tip 7595 arrows. There are more costly ones out there and maybe a little better ones but the Gold Tips have served me well for years.
As for broadheads, with that set up, just about any good flying fixed blade or mechanical will work for you. I'd go with a 125 gr head in Rage Hypodermic for a mechanical or one of the Slick Trick heads in a fixed broadhead.
But as far as the bow goes, I strongly suggest you go to a pro shop and have it set up for you properly. And go to the technical threads on this forum and read up on tuning your bow properly. Good luck

SecondChance 11-16-2014 02:06 PM

As Bronko said it best. Go to an established shop and let them set it up to YOU!!!! Not what ur buddy says he can do out in the garage with his shop vise and channel locks.
Are you planning on using a release or fingers? Something else to look at and plan for.
As far as broadheads go, they are like opinions, everyone has one. You will have to look at what you are wanting it to do and how much you are planning on spending. They can run from $40 for 6 to $40 for 3. Depending on what style you happen to prefer. They all work when applied properly. My personal choice are Easton Full Metal Jackets with 100grn GrimReaper RazorCut, 1-3/8ths cut. I shoot 65# with a Mathews Drennalin at 29" DL.
Arrows are another choice. You can go cheap or upto and past $150 per DZ depending on what you get. Thats where a shop is so helpfull. They can measure and match the arrows to you and your bow. Not what someone has sitting around that are either wrong length, wrong spine, wrong weight rating etc..
So that being said, get set up corrcetly in the beginning and you will spend more time in the stand instead of the shop!!! Enjoy!!!

WrackMaster 11-16-2014 05:20 PM

I have a Switchback XT, also with the same setup. The archery shop set me up with 5575 Gold Tips and 100 grain Grim Reaper Razorcuts. Been working good for me for the last 4-5 years.

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