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favorite reticle

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Default favorite reticle

What's your favorite reptile for whitetail hunting
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It depends on the cartridge I'm using. For my long shooting ultra mag I love my Boone&Crockett. If I were to put a scope on my 30/30 I would stick with a basic duplex.
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Mil-Dot for most scopes, NP-R1 on Nightforce scopes.
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Whut they said, sometimes a duplex, others the TMR really shines.

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cant resist this one, a monitor lizard. bites them, then waits for them to die. (reptile)

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Originally Posted by Mr. Slim
cant resist this one, a monitor lizard. bites them, then waits for them to die. (reptile)
Dang it... I hate it when I miss a chance like that

I read the thread title... Didn't pay close enough attention to the post...
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Asking for a whitetail scope reticle does not mean someone who is looking at long range to me. I've killed deer in at least 10 different states and with over 20 different cartridges and my longest shot has been 265 yards, a range well within the MPBR of most modern cartridges (thus nullifying the need for compensating reticles). For me, short range consideration has as much to do with hunting whitetails as does anything. That said, I want a low power of no more than 2.5X and a reticle that's quick to see if a deer suddenly "pops" up.

My couple favorites are born of wants for both boldness and low light performance. My #1 choice is the Firedot reticle from the Leupold VX-R series, and more specifically, the Firedot #4. My second is the typical #4 and another is the Heavy Duplex reticle. I've heard some speak of not being able to shoot with precision with some of these reticles. Not my experience at all. I've shot groups of way under 1" @ 100 yards with reticles like these and they don't hinder me in the least, while giving BOLD reticles for quick target acquisition.

To me, whitetail hunting means short-medium range shooting and deer that may show at VERY short ranges and during very low light. I prefer to purchase accordingly.

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Duplex. But I have to admit the triangle on the Trijicon looks interesting.
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My first choice is the Fire dot Duplex on my Leupold VX-R
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Heavy Duplex....

I have 2 deer rifles with scopes, a Ruger M-77 in .243 and a Knight Disc...Both have VX-IIs 3x9x40s...I sent one back and had the heavy duplex put in about 10 years ago...I liked it so much, I had the other done as well...

Why do I like them??? At dusk, it's not the image of the deer that disappears, it's the reticle...When do you kill many deer??? Dawn and dusk, most are within 150 yards so there is no need for a fine reticle...
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