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Does cammo really matter?

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I even wear camo boxers.
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It absolutely matters. Not as much as being still, and not as much as staying down wind, but it can make or break a hunt. And for those who say for bow it matters but not for gun, sorry, I disagree. I have been on the ground many times just sitting against a tree and had deer pass between 5-10 yards that I would not or could not shoot (e.g. not a doe day). Had I been busted, it would have ruined the chance for me to shoot other deer coming my direction also.

On the other hand, I don't believe most of the major camo patterns do that much for you (Mossy Oak, Real Tree). Because when you stand back at a distance, your outline isn't really broken up and your form can be seen. Personally, I am huge fan of ASAT camo. It completely breaks up your human form and makes you look like nothing. I've had deer look right in my direction (on the ground) many times and never give a hesitation.

BTW, cover scent is the dumbest concept known to man. The woods ALREADY smell like DIRT and a million other things. Just because you have a dirt-scented wafer on you doesn't mean you don't stop smelling like YOU. Sheesh!
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Dude in ASAT with NO cover:

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Originally Posted by 7.62NATO
Dude in ASAT with NO cover:

Works great until he moves. Also, a photo makes anything blend in better than it is actually. But I guess if one could sit completely still for hours on end, this suit would work very well, especially if there was at least a little cover around as well.

My problem as I ground hunt is trying to keep still. I generally can do this well when I am in the last hour or so, but early on in the stand is when I have the problems, getting settled in. For me, I need near 100% exterior concealment. Getting in a clump of evergreens with some blind material around me so no movement of mine is visible is the ticket for me. Or a full blind that is well brushed in works too, but it can take a while to set this up an brush it in to where it blends in.
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I like the woodland camo, or the original tree bark.
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I read this thread and the first thought that comes to mind is How could the eastern Indians not have starved to death or just been fish eaters. No real tree camo back then I don't think.

I also wonder and scratch my head and wonder how those old time pictures showing the hunters in about every mode of out door dress for the early 1900's ever got those huge bucks to pose for the pictures with them. No wood land camo back then I don't think.

Just read a article yesterday in a varmint hunting mag that talked about sprinters. Sprinters are the persons that think they have to cover a quarter of the county per day to see any thing to shoot.

I was hunting long before blaze orange was required in Michigan. When it became a law to wear it I figured I would be in deep caca where I hunted.
First year I harvested a nice 8 point that dropped in its tracks. I paced it off to where it dropped from where I was sitting and it was 8 steps.

I personally don't think camo means a thing to wild animals. How bad you stink and your movements are what they see and smell.

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Here is another reason camo matters.

I shot my big buck this year and loaded him up and took him to the home farm where we took him out and took pictures. The neighbors drove by and saw him. Within hours they had a stand as close to mine as they could get it. (they obviously thought I killed the deer there where they saw us taking pictures) When I'm bowhunting the less other people know where I'm at the better.

Also being able to successfully hunt without camo does not prove camo doesn't matter.

People have also killed deer with spears.......That doesn't make them as effective as guns.

They also processed deer with rocks and that doesn't mean knives don't work better.

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A few thoughts:

What makes "camo clothing" so expensive is NOT the color or pattern. It's brand names, scent control, waterproofing, silent materials, warmth technology (more heat with less bulk), etc etc. Some of these are important, some aren't.

Why would you NOT benefit yourself? Camo won't hurt you, so if it happens to help in the least, why wouldn't you wear it?

Camo breaking up your outline has NOTHING to do with how well the guy in ASAT looks standing against the trunk of a tree. It has to do with how well he blends in standing up in the open, displaced from the background. The most important aspect for a deer hunter is blending DEPTH. You'll notice when a deer thinks it sees something, it will swing it's head side to side, up and down, to try to spot whatever it is that it thinks it sees. What it's doing is forcing parallax, i.e. the background will move behind the object. Good camo will distort the edging to their poorly defined eyesight, which helps merge the hunter with its background.

Anyone can blend in when they're laying in the bush. A lump in the grass looks like a lump in the grass. But, when a bow hunter is kneeling 3ft from the base of a tree, and a deer swings its head to pick them out, that's when your depth defeating camo is important.
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I prefer the leaf and ghillie suits that's about all the camo I need.They don't fade and last for years.BUT in a ground blind I only wear black,to blend with the black background.
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One thing that bothers me is when I see these fools at gas stations pumping gas and walking down the aisles of grocery stores in full camo like they came straight from their stand to the store.
I've never figured out why, but that has always bothered me too. Not just the camo, but the blazed orange as well. Sometimes I really need to get over myself...

Blazed orange was just starting to get popular when I started hunting. Back then just as many folks wore red.

I too have hunted since before camo became the craze. I have camo now but actually bought the clothing for the Gor-Tex more than anything.

I honestly don't know if camo has helped me or not, but based on my own experience I'd say it doesn't seem to matter.

Have to agree that scent, and movement, or lack of both are what matters most.

I have many times been very close to many wild animals in every day clothing. Until I move, or they happen to smell me quite often they are unaware of my presence.

One thing that hasn't been brought up yet is sound... I like my hunting clothing to be as silent as possible. Fleece, and wool work well. There are a few stores around here that sell Army surplus gear. I have several pairs of OD green wool pants that I can buy for between $20, and $30.
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