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Does cammo really matter?

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Originally Posted by VTBoneCollector
I may be mistaken and I'm sure not an expert on hogs but I thought that their eye site was terrible. If not, then I learned something new today. Not trying to be a smart a$$, just that's what I always thought.
A hog does not have the best eyesight, that's correct. But they can distinguish colors in more wavelengths than deer and can distinguish several colors, unlike a deer.
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Originally Posted by NorthGAHunter77
Nice to hear you had a good time in GA! What part of the state where you hunting in? We usually hunt pigs near Albany and have had great luck.
We have hunted Johnson County, near Wrightsville, for several years now. We have killed some really big hogs over the years there and have always enjoyed our hunts. I sent you a link to the place via PM so you'd know where.
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Albany, GA sure bring back some great memories from days gone by, sweet GA peaches... )
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Camo and scent play big roles, More scent and wind then anything. Over all of these those is your confidence in the woods, if you feel confident in camo, go in camo. I personally here in the Northeast do use Real Tree camo and scent elimination, may be coincidence but have done better since using the new methods.
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I think of Hunting Clothes/Camo more like wearing a Uniform or Work Clothes in a sense....when I go out Hunting I put those drabby colored clothes on to stay hidden and hopefully scent-free so the Deer or other Animals I hunt don't see me as well and I blend in with the surrounding woods,terrain and grasses!

I've seen some Camo that sticks out like a sore thumb and other Camo that hides the Wearer so well that the only thing that gives them away is Movement!

I sure wouldn't want to wear anything bright or reflective while out Hunting and I don't think anyone mentioned the bright UV's in Clothing that a Deer are suppose to see so well?
I use to think it was just another gimmick to get You to buy another product but after seeing pictures of myself in different Camo Clothes on my IR trail camera and certain clothes standing out much white and brighter I started washing my Camo Clothes in scent free detergent with a UV killer in it....and I always wash/shower with scent free soap before going out Hunting and spray my clothes and gear down with scent-killer spray and I wear rubber boots and use them only for Hunting and keep my Hunting Clothes outside or in a sealed plastic tub.

Coyote Hunting is just as hard as Deer Hunting when You try to out smart a Coyote and stay scent free as possible,hunt the wind and not be seen!

When I wear Camo it tells others I'm Hunting and a Hunter... It puts me in the mood and motivates me and it's used specifically for that purpose,my Camo smells like earth,or hopefully has no smell/ scent on it all or I hang a Doe in Estrous scent waffer on it and pray a Big Buck tries to find me?
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I agree that scent control, staying still, and quiet are the most effective ways at not scaring deer. I do wear camo, but aside from deer hunting, I use that same camo to hunt turkey, coyote, squirrel, etc. I practice scent control and I play the wind. The only time I wear my camo is when I am hunting. One thing that bothers me is when I see these fools at gas stations pumping gas and walking down the aisles of grocery stores in full camo like they came straight from their stand to the store. I sure hope they wash their gear when they get home. If they don’t though, maybe the deer that winds them will walk my way.

Valentine, I am a hunter under the age of 30. The problem we face today is that it’s just plain hard to find stuff on the shelves that is made like it use to be. It seems that the hunting industry makes a new gimmick product every week. Hunting gear has became a multimillion dollar industry and unfortunately, we are force fed that these “Made in China” products are a must have for a successful hunt. I wear a down vest that my dad used to wear when he was my age. It keeps me warm and is still in great shape. I also use some other gear that he’s gave me that’s older than I am and I love it. However, neglecting all new advances/change is ignorant. If that weren't the case, we’d still be still be using horse and carriage and sending telegrams. My dad is an “old school” kind of man; he even refuses to even own a cell phone (Which is fine). But in the last few years we have used some “newer technology” that has improved our hunting immensely, according to him. We've mainly utilized trail cams, some scent control products, and switched to mechanical broadheads. Like MZS posted earlier, maybe some of the more veteran hunters like yourself can provide some tips on your tried and true methods. That is why I came to this forum, to gain knowledge and to share my experiences in the field. I’d also like to add, I posted this with my iPhone.

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staying still and scent control are the most important
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Staying still and scent control are the two biggest things for me. I do have a set of camo clothes for hunting but all those pieces combined wont amount to more then $150 maybe $200 including my muck boots.
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i had a black jacket and no hat on once and a coyote made me out. bout 15 yards away. i firmly believe if i woulda been properly dressed it would never had seen me.
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With scent being a factor I have dedicated hunting clothes anyway. Why not have those clothes be camo?

I have a thin outer layer that is camo and I wear it on every hunt. The only thing that varies is what I where underneath and most of it is not camo. (black base layer and black fleece)
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