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25-06 vs 270

Old 01-06-2014, 07:55 AM
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You should also look into the weatherby vanguard in 240, or 257 weatherby. I have a weatherby Mark v in 257, it's a tack driver. I was looking at a 240 in the vanguard. Have a vanguard in 300 wby, 243, howa in 338, and Smith and wesson 1500 in 7mm. All are the same rifle. I think the 257 weatherby is a great deer round.
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[quote=JGeBaide;4113818 Savage is the best shooting Out of the Box rifle I have ever bought and I have bought two more without regret.[/quote]

I agree with the Savage however I prefer the 270 over 25/06. Can be used on bigger Game also.
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Of the 2 you listed I'd go with the 270 Win. I'm a fan of heavier bullets and it is easy to get 270 with a 150 gr bullet. Plus, as others have noted, ammo is easier to find if you don't handload.

But, if I was picking a rifle for myself for whitetails it would be my Rem Model 700 Classic in 6.5x55 Swedish. I love the rifle and am a big fan of the 6.5mm calibers.
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My first rifle was a 270 Remington 700 ADL SS. After 20 years its never let me down in the deer woods. I know nothing about the 25-06.
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25 06 all the way. Pleasant to fire, flat and drops deer DRT. I have had a pile of the 25's and regret selling some of them. The Weatherby is a reasonably priced option that you should look at. The model 77 Ruger is also a good option. A buddy uses his 25 06 for moose and elk and sold his 7mm Remington magnum after I introduced him to the 25 06.
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Originally Posted by jandrey
Thanks for the input guys! I was thinking a 25-06! Any of you have a tikka t3 that you like? More opinions on caliber preferences too if you have any!
I have a Tikka T3 Stainless Lite in 270WSM....AND I LOVE IT....for the money it's a hard rifle to beat. Accurate...shot sub-MOA out of the box with just about everything I threw down it, the bolt is butter smooth, trigger is easy to adjust and breaks like glass...I've taken a pile of deer with it. I am a big fan of both the 257 and 277 caliber bullets...my 270WSM with 140g Nosler AccuBonds is hard to beat. I also have Remington 700 BDL in 270WIN and it's also a great caliber, knocks em DRT with 150g Nosler Ballistic Tips.

I don't have a 25-06, but have a couple 25's and really like that bullet...recently I built a 257 Bob AI on a Rem 700 action and plan it being my primary white tail round starting next year...but also have a 25WSSM and a 250-3000. I think both the 270 an 25-06 are great rounds, both will do the job you want...the only comment I have is this, if you are not a reloader, I give the edge to the 270 do to a wider availabiliy of good premium bullet hunting rounds available.
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Originally Posted by JGeBaide
I did a lot of research before I bought my 25/06 and decided on the Weatherby Vanguard Sub M.O.A. That was until I found out that they donít make a left handed bolt but a 25 /06 guaranteed to shoot a 100 yard, 3 shot sub M.O.A group and Weatherby Name and support in the 500 dollar price range should be a contender.

I ended up buying my first Savage 110 with the Accu Trigger in 25 /06. To tell the truth, its not what I wanted but I had a Texas hunt coming up that I wanted the rifle for and itís the one I could get in time. Here is the rest of the story, I have a lot of more expensive rifles and a lot of prettier rifles but the Savage is the best shooting Out of the Box rifle I have ever bought and I have bought two more without regret.
Agreed with everything. I love my Wby vanguard s2 in 25/06. Great gun for the price.

My savage model 12 22-250 is an absolute tack driver out of the box
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Both are good but 270 is world class .
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bump dddddd
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I recently bought a tikka t3 in 270 for the wife. Pretty nice gun. You'll want to add a different pad to reduce recoil to the shoulder.
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