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tell me about tree stands

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they get stolen
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"tell me about tree stands "

Based on my experience, you can get really cold sitting in them! LOL

Treestand hunting is really common in where I am in VA. Personally, I don't have the patience to sit in one hour after hour. I'd rather still hunt or set up on the ground watching a crossing for a bit and then moving on. That being said, the location is important since you are waiting for the deer to come to you. Wind direction is important so stands have to be easy to move to accommodate it. if I was looking for one I'd want it as light and as simple as possible to make it easier to move. A climber makes the most sense to me but I know guys that have several permanent type treestands that they can move to depending on wind and deer movement.

I wouldn't want to leave a permanent stand up on public ground though. That is asking someone to steal it. Climbers eliminate that threat.
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I like having two stationary stands out on the same piece of land. Wind direction dictates which stand I will sit in.
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I've had numerous climbing stands and my only complaint was that I felt like I ended up hunting a tree more often than a certain area. If you do go with a climber I would definitely recommend a hand saw so you can saw off limbs that could get in the way on your way up the tree. I went to a lone wolf hang on last year and with the climbing sticks I love it. Not too heavy and can go up any tree that'll hold my 240 pound self
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I use both ladder stands and climbers. Among the advantages of a ladder are that there are quick to get into once set, quiet and rugged. There are two-person models out there that will allow you to hunt side-by-side with one of your kids. "Strong Built" makes a good 2-man. So does "Summit".

I will disagree that it is necessary to set a ladder months in advance so that the deer get used to seeing it in the area. I have set a ladder in the afternoon and killed an excellent buck out of it the next morning. But I am of the opinion that the farther in advance you can set it, the better.

I also use a climber. Some of the advantages have already been mentioned. Packable, easy to relocate, etc. Another advantage is that usually you can set up at the optimum height. Ladders are "limited", except for adding or removing a ladder section. Most models are in the 15'-16' range. Amng the disadvantages are the nmoise you amke climbing up and you might find that the "best" tree is not climbable .... to large in diameter, too many big limbs, leaning, etc. This is where a ladder or "Lock-On" can be an advnatage.

The other option is the "Lock-On" or "Hang-On" type. These are extremely versitle but can be a bugger to set up and heck relocate. Most of these are relatively compact and may not offer the all day comfort that you are looking for.

As already mentioned, and I cannot emphasize this strong enough ... use a harness. If you have your kids up there with you, put one on them too. HSS makes a youth size for children 50# and above (About $90). Even in a ladder, use it.

I know two people personally that fell from ladder stands and were severely injured .... my brother, who suffered serious injury when the fell from a 12' ladder stand. He probably fell asleep. He cannot to this day remember what happened. Docs said that he came within millimeters of being paralized from his shoulders down. The damage to his spinal chord left him unable to return to his pre-accident strength. The other guy is a friend of a friend. He stood up to shoot and lost his balance, falling 15' ... he is in a wheel chair.
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I started buying two man ladder stands when my grandsons were younger so I could sit in the stand with them for several years, great times spent with them in the stands. They are fairly easy for two people to take down and move. The ones I use are built by a local guy with heavy conduit welded in place. I built a top for them and use camo netting around the stand. I use grade 70 hardened steel chain with the large hardened Master key locks to keep someone from stealing them. You can cut it with a torch or large grinder, but most bolt cutters won't break them.
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I hunt on a farm that is fairly secure, but a store bought tree stand would eventually be stolen. It is almost 300 miles from where I live so I don't have time to be setting them up and taking them down. I am over 70, and I don't think a climber is for me. I went to Menards and got some treated 2X4's and a couple of 2X6's and built one. The seat is 13 ft. up and it is chained to the tree. I don't think anyone will go to the trouble of stealing it, too heavy and too far from the road. It is not easy to set up tho, so we just leave it there. I can tell how it is made if anyone wants.
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Originally Posted by Mojotex
I will disagree that it is necessary to set a ladder months in advance so that the deer get used to seeing it in the area. I have set a ladder in the afternoon and killed an excellent buck out of it the next morning. But I am of the opinion that the farther in advance you can set it, the better.
I agree completely. I hunt Illinois public land, and we are not allowed to set stands until 2 weeks before the season. While earlier would probably be better, I see plenty of deer out of my stands
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