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Hunting with dad

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Default Hunting with dad

I hunted some when i was young never had much luck all self taught young and dumb. My dads never wanted to hunt much. When i got back into hunting at 18 as my mom didnt want guns in the house my dad went we with me opening day never has since. Iv always wanted him to u know the father don hunts. Well awhile back he told me he wanted to go said he really did want to go killing animals but wanted to go with me and know how to. Made me really happy plus next season is 10 years since he went with me.

Im curious how many of u grew up hunting with ur dad or like me have not. The funny part is he said idc if i kill anything so i get first shot and he can help lug the thing out lol
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I was introduced to hunting at the age of 8 by my father. It was basically hunting squirrels, rabbits, quail, and pheasant. Deer hunting was not a big thing here in my area until years later. I cherish the moments Ive had with my father. Enjoy the memories.
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My dad did not hunt. However, he was very supportive of me hunting and learning to hunt. He even supplied me with guns and ammunition, and taught me how to use firearms.

My theory is that hunting is genetic, and it hits half of the next generation.

My dad's father hunted, and so did one of my dad's half-brothers. The other half-brother, and my brother, had no interest whatsoever.

Of my three kids, the son is a fanatic. The two daughters, while they enjoy shooting, do not have any inclination to hunt at all.

I got the gene from my paternal grandfather, but I had to learn at the hands of my best friend and his father.

My best friend's father was (he is still alive, but he's had two strokes, so he doesn't hunt any longer ) an AVID hunter, and he taught me everything.

I am SO grateful.

I guess you could (should) call him my "hunting father".
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My dad was a good hunter, as were all his brothers. We all hunted together and I learned from them. But the real woodsman was my grandpa. I'd learn more in a day afield with him than with anyone else. It was fun for him too the way I hung on his every word and worked so hard to do it right and get his approval.
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My dad has always been a big time hunter.. Started taking me with him and showing me everything he knew when I was around 10 years old. At age 14 he bought me a 270 and turned me loose to scout my own deer, set up my own spots. I learned just as much and a lot more just from being in the woods all the time studying everything about the deer. I made many mistakes as far as where I set up to ambush deer, the direction of the wind and my scent, signs to look for. I'm 31 now and though I've had a ton of really good, successful seasons I still feel I have a lot to learn. Now my dad is approaching 60 and hunts with me all the time in my hunting shack. He's loud as crap, never stops talking and fumbling around in there (probably the same thing he was saying about me when I was a kid). Seems like now I'm trying to teach him what I know about hunting and for some reason think he doesn't We get in a lot of good debates in the woods these days.
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I think grawlix are bout the same. My dad while he did not want to he bout me my 30/30 for my birthday went shooting with me
Heck when i turned 13 he bought me my first bow. Idk it was weird for me no one close to me hunted i just kind of got the obession all on my own. Iv had so many great memories with my dad weve always done everything together so its always kind of been a bummer he didnt hunt. Hed help me hang stand hike scouting but not hunt. I think by 08 he knew come fall to leave me alone till january lol. Im glad to see him willing to try
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Its funny though thinkin bout it reminded me of something. When he went with me we pulled into psrt of a nat forest on the right was nat forest left of the drive our cabin we bought. A huge buck a few small ones and bunch of does. I pulled up by the cabin plan to go shoot the buck. He would not let me cause it was not completly light out but with the legal shooting time. After the hunt i explained thirty min before sunrise time which it was like ten min till sunrise. All he could say was ohh. To this day we still talk bout it cause it took me 6 more years to kill a deer
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My father introduced me to hunting at the age of 5. The first year was small game and some birds. I was the designated "game carrier and empty shell picker upper. My Grandfather gave both me and my brother Win Model 1984's in 30-30 the year before. So I had a deer rifle at the age of 4. I shot my first deer at 6 and my first elk at 7 with that 30-30. The deer was a fork horned mulie and the elk was a cow. I still have that little deer rack and I will never part with it.

Through the years, Dad and I hunted an awful lot. Mostly back west where I grew up. Dad was a really good mulie and elk hunter. He never hunted antelope until I was 16 and talked him into it. After that we hunted them as many times as we could since the tag had to be drawn. In 1998 I took Dad to South Africa on a Plains Game safari for his retirement present. He ended up hunting Africa a total of 3 times.

The last time I hunted deer with Dad was in Dec 2009. He came to FL and I got him into a decent FL buck. In Mar 2010 he fell and broke his right femur at the age of 70 and when that healed he came down with lung cancer. He fought it hard, but cancer took him last Sept.

This is Dad's last buck:

I'm gonna miss that old man!

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Grew up hunting with my Pop. My son grew up hunting with me and my Pop.
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My dad wasn't a hunter and never did make it as a deer hunter. When My brother (younger) and I wanted to small game hunt dad made sure we both had a shot gun. I got a savage 16ga single shot and Robb got a Ivers Johnson 410. About 5 years latter dad got us both pump shot guns a 16ga. and for rob a 20ga.
Then I wanted to deer hunt so got slugs for the shot gun the first year then a model 94 30-30 for my birthday for the next year.

Dad started deer hunting with us boys after we got bucks opening day several years in a row. I can never remember dad shooting a buck. He used to make his rounds thru the woods and when we met up for lunch he would say he saw a big fellow. We both asked why he didn't shoot it and he always replied he didn't know where us boys were. He passed away in 2005 and I miss that I saw a huge buck story he always had.

Dad did start small game hunting with us and was a pretty good shot with the Itchia feather lite 20 ga. pump we got him for his 55th birthday.

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