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Ok gotta vent

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Originally Posted by Murby
Trail camera theft is pretty common..

I have to wonder why the manufacturers don't put encryption capabilities on them that would make them useless to anyone who doesn't have the code.

It would be a simple and very cheap feature to add that would make the unit useless to anyone who steals it.

I think I know why they don't... Its because having it stolen means you'll probably purchase another one.. And, people who steal stuff like that usually don't purchase them anyhow so its not like they're losing a sale.

That said.. there may be a solution that would almost force the manufacturers to install theft protection devices..

The solution is to pay for it with your credit card and then make a claim with your cc company when it's stolen. Most people don't even know you can do this but its part of you credit card terms and DOES NOT increase your cost of using the card in any way. Its already built in and has been that way for decades.

Once the credit card companies start getting thousands of claims, they'll have a chat with the camera manufacturers.

Did you know that using your credit card also doubles your manufacturers warranty up to 1 year?

my steath cam has a 4 number code in order to use it
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I had a camera stolen a couple years back as well, the feeling of someone stealing from you is unexplainable, knowing you'll probably never know who did it is even worse..
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Here is what I would do... I would place a cheaper camera down on the ground where it could be easily noticed/stolen. I would then place another camera near it, but it would be much higher. Bring a ladder back so that it cannot be reached from the ground. Make sure this camera operates quietly, has infrared so the flash doesn't give away its location, and has a decent range on it also. Then maybe you could get a picture of the thieves, but hopefully they do not return.

They also make metal boxes that fit over trail cameras and have steel cables that wrap around the tree. These boxes can be padlocked. They could probably still remove it with bolt cutters or by cutting the tree down, but at least they'd have to work at it.

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That totally sucks! A thief should be buried in an ant hill and give back to nature.
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Well guys they stole his camera but didn't steal the deer there.
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Congrats to the young hunter! That's a great looking buck.
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Olive I've had two stands stolen off 2 different private properties I hunted growing up in WI. I found both thieves and they were both adjacent land owners. I was young and stupid and kinda got into it with one of them. What it came down to was he had been tresspassing so long on this owners farm. That I actually think he thought he had permission. In his mind I was moving in on his hunting ground.

Tresspassers are good at what they do and you'll never see 'em. So saying you never saw anyone doesn't surprise me.

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Awesome looking buck congrats to the young hunter.
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Congrats on the buck.
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I hunt private land, and it's 100+ acres with a 30 acre plot of woods where I keep the camera.

i still put my camera in a lock box with a Masterlock Python lock. $15 lock, $200 camera.

One of the other guys on our land thought his camera was stolen once.... found it 50 yards away floating in the pond. Wonder who wandered upon that camera?
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