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Parked vehicles scaring deer

Old 10-28-2013, 08:37 PM
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Default Parked vehicles scaring deer

I need all the opinions I can get please! I was told by another hunter today that my parked vehicle which is about 400 yrd away will spook the deer and they will not come out by his stand.I think this is not true. The deer traveling north can look to the west and see my parked vehicle in a grass strip that separates two corn fields. Opinions Please.

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My wife used to watch me hunt from the truck.. She would drop me off and drive off at least 200 yards.. Sometimes a bit closer, others a bit further.

I've seen bucks walk right up to the truck with her sitting in it !!

Deer do not recognize vehicles as a threat...
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400yds they don't give a hoot...ive had a doe 50-60yds notice theres a vehicle in the road and snort and stomp off...but it didn't stop them from coming in again...they just knew something was different..so I parked across the creek another 70yds and they didn't mind.
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Ive seen big bucks walk right by my truck and stand around my truck and Ive had my truck spook deer at 400 yards. There is no absolute.

To say a parked truck won't spook a deer is just not true at all. To say it usually won't would be a lot more accurate.

Lots of factors involved.

People will say Ive had/seen deer do this or that etc. but that doesn't make it universal.

Ive seen many deer go right towards gun shots....does that mean gun shots don't bother deer?

Just last year I was hunting a cut been field and had my truck 400+ yards away on the other side of a timber. Couldn't even see it from the field I was hunting but a doe walked up on it and got spooked and headed my way blowing and carrying on. She spooked every deer in the area.

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I would imagine 400 yards would be far enough but as others have said you never know. If the other hunter feels its a concern I would move it.
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200 yards is far enough.I have had fawns blow at my truck over and over.I watched there mothers just feed.I guess they thought it was good for there lungs.LOL
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I don't think deer or antelope pay much attention to parked vehicles. Elk do.
Why not just get one of those cheap military surplus camo nets and throw it over the truck if you think the deer are shying away from it.
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I'm pretty sure that a vehicle sitting still almost a quarter a mile away wouldn't impact deer a bit. I doubt they would know the difference between a vehicle and a boulder or hay stack at that range.

My guess is the guy in the stand has lousy scent control or can't sit still and is blaming others for his issues. I'd tell him to pound sand!
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Originally Posted by rockport
People will say Ive had/seen deer do this or that etc. but that doesn't make it universal.
Well there's some truth for ya...

It does make for some very lengthy discussion threads on a hunting forum!
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I actually hunt my own land where my home, cars, trucks, tractors, and other stuff are within sight. I've had a 10 pt 4-5 yr old stage within 50 yrds from 3 parked cars in my driveway for an hour before crossing the road to a cornfield, almost daily. One of my stands is within 150 yards of my home and my tractor is closer than that by my barn. I guess it just depends on how the deer are accustomed to things like that, because they eat the persimmon off the tree in my backyard. If they are accustomed to this kind of stuff, and it shows them no harm, they become used to it. I see 10-15 deer every time I'm in the stand behind my house, although its wooded and behind a pond, they hear my wifes car leaving driveway and stuff like that and aren't spooked. Its all about where that deer is accustomed to surviving.
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