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JerryK 09-17-2013 03:59 PM

I was reading an article in a Missouri Hunting magazine and I thought this was a a good time to remind everyone that if you are going on a hike anywhere, to sure take some basic survival gear with you and a little food and water.

Some Basic knowledge of survival camping will go along way with the gear to keep you you alive to be found by searchers.

. . Be sure to have a good map on hand before wandering into the big woods. I live not far from the area and recall that no". t so many years ago a deer hunter got turned around on a late-season hunt and was caught in a sudden winter storm. It took several days for searchers to find his frozen remains, which were relatively close to his truck but off the established path."


Psylocide 09-18-2013 05:40 AM

Good reminder... always carry a couple of first aid items, fire starter, map, compass and water purification tabs.

A few light and cheap things that could save your life.

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