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Threw away my venison

Old 03-21-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by the blur
Freezer is the wrong word. The butcher can't freeze your deer before butchering. He probably keeps it around 38 degrees. Which is no different than keeping it outside.
Whatever. Shoulda said cooler. Yes there is no difference in a temperature controlled, cleaned, consistent environment, and a front yard with temperatures fluctuating daily, constant barrage of environmental factors, etc.

I'll keep mine in the COOLER. BTW I too process all my own cause I want control of what happens to it.
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Old 03-22-2013, 08:13 AM
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Default Metallic smell

I once noticed this in a buck that was liver shot.
It had run a fair distance, presumably pumping large amounts of adrenaline doing so.

Others simply bounded once or twice and died quickly, without that extra adrenaline push.

I think that smell is adrenaline. That would also explain the unpleasant taste.

My $.02
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Default Good advice that!

Originally Posted by SteveK
I highly encourage anyone that hunts to process their own game. With a little reading or web searching it is easy to learn the basics. While you learn just remember that the worst that can happen is that you end up with a little more hamburg/stew meat than necessary. I use nothing fancy or expensive, a 6" and 9" filet knife and a sawzall is all I usually use. My biggest tip would be that the more fat you get off the better it will taste.
I process (with a little help from my BRO!) all of the deer I shoot with the exception of the first one I ever shot. He went to Tyson's Locker Plant and had the absolute worst taste ever.

Figure out how to do it yourself then do it yourself.

Last deer: 305# Catskills 8 pointer. Took us a full day to properly quarter. Two days to process and vacume seal. Worth every minute.
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Originally Posted by Psylocide
You could try brining the meat first or even just soaking in water overnight to try and draw some of that blood out.
or jerk the rest
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I agree with the people that say get the bone out and cut the fat off. I noticed that if it was a bad year for acorns in the mountains and the deer hit the laurel and cedar, the fat and bone gave the meat a bitter taste. Deer we got around farms were no problem leaving the fat on.
A lot of people that don't care for deer meat had venison given to them by people that are sloppy transporting and processing the deer. Those same people would have a fit if they had a box of beef steaks treated the way they handle a deer.
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Originally Posted by the blur
This year, the deer just tasted so nasty. Some parts worse than others. I just defrosted & cooked up some filets. The 2 little filets that are usually the best part of the deer. The smell coming off it, smelt like a metal machine. Not a rancid deer, but like a metally taste & smell. I cooked it anyway, and it was just uneatable. The steaks I had 2 weeks ago were ok, but I didn't enjoy eating them. Same neck of the woods as every year. So it's not like the deer is eating from a garbage dump.

The deer was shot in the pouring rain, so it was very wet. It wasn't hung, just went to the butcher 2 days later. So all the meat is really bloody.

I wish I could explain the odor, but I can't. It's not foul, but rather a metal or machinery taste.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about ??

Buck or doe?

A doe in estrous can have a similar flavor, attributable to hormones.
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Here in Fla. I gut the deer and get it into a cooler as fast as I can.I let it sit on ice for a day or two and then process it myself.If the freezer doesn't go out I never throw out the meat.As we refer to them Bambi burgers are the best.
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