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What would YOU do?????

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They played duke 3 years ago and lost by 2 goals, we had 3 kids go play pro lacrosse just last year. Don't talk about thing you don't know. Any lacrosse fan will tell you Salisbury is one of the best teams in the country period
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Originally Posted by marshbanks12

Doesn't Count….. D1 is the only Div that matters…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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Originally Posted by marshbanks12
pro lacrosse
Who cares?
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Too bad he mentioned what school he went to because if he's telling the truth and is on any Deans List anywhere other than "kiddygarten" with the atrocious grammar, spelling, and punctuation he has used on this thread, I not only feel real sorry for him, but also the schools he's gone to so far and Salisbury College must really suck! Grow up son as you're acting like a ten year old!!!
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I dated a school teacher for a couple years and she was always talking about playing lacrosse at some finishing school she went to. Heck I always thought it was a girls sport until now. Good post. I am really learning now.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner
ethics: its not what ya do when folks are looking, its what ya do when they ain't
Well said.
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Surely this is all just a joke!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by marshbanks12
So you guys would be pretty upset if I said I'm hunting my property with a shotgun during muzzleloader season than huh?
This post pluss your original post shows me you are trying to get a rise out off people on here. I'm new tho the hunting side and what your talking about is learned in hunter safety. I have been fishing for 20 years I won't fish without a license or all my stamps. You should be removed from this site
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I didn't read all the replies, but I read more than enough. This thread is now locked, but will remain here just long enough for you to see why I locked it.

4. No topics and/or statements which could be used to reflect poorly on hunting, archery or firearms. Anti-hunting and other posts indicating a stance against the hunting, archery or the firearm industry will be removed and your account will be banned.

6. Please do not post anything that could be used by "anti-hunting" groups to support their cause. Remember, it is easy to take comments out of context. Keep this in mind as you post, since anti-hunting groups may visit this site in search of ammunition for their cause.

8. Do not engage in "flame-wars" or excessive exchange of confrontational postings. Debate is important, but users should not try to "pick a fight" with one another.

Trespassing and poaching is against the law.
Harvesting any animal with the wrong weapon is against the law.
Asking law abiding people if they think you should break the law is just asking for trouble. And it is against the rules here at Huntingnet.
Posting that you break the law, by hunting with the wrong weapon, is also asking for trouble. Not just from the responses you get from the members here, but your state and local law enforcement can use this to their advantage. There is no mistake about it, when you knowingly admit to breaking the law.

You are young, and many here will give you good, legal advice. Heed that advice, and enjoy a long life of legal hunting.

If you have any question about the rules stated or why this was locked, please message my inbox.
Consider this a verbal warning. Any future posting about performing illegal hunting acts will unfortunately get you terminated from from the site.

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