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Anyone else having a slow season?

Old 12-09-2012, 01:09 PM
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Default Always the same

A bad year for some and for others a bad year until they got a buck, and it suddenly turned into a good year.
And there is always someone who got their buck, with only one buck allowed, in the first hour of the first day they hunted and are starting to forget they even hunted.
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Well I got lucky and shot the only deer I saw at first light of the first day of rifle season in WI and it was my best ever! Real nice 10.

I then hunted from 11/17 to 12/5 every day - each morning and evening and saw nothing.
and of course my trail cams showed me all that comes in after the season is closed by at least 30 minutes!

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Old 12-09-2012, 03:06 PM
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Guess I was lucky enough to get a doe in bow season but the number that I've seen this year is the worst it's been in the last 4 years. Hopeing things will change soon. Not much time left here in NC.
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same here i saw at leats 9 deer every time i went out bow hunting then gun season came around and i went 2 full days and didnt see a thing
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I didn't hunt last week, to dang hot, in the mid 70's. Be glad when the temps drop below the 40's and stays there.
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Old 12-11-2012, 02:05 AM
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I am in upstate New York and it's no better here. I have seen but 2 does - and one of them with a yearling. That's been it.

Our BP season just opened on Dec 10th (yesterday) - but ir rained all day - so I plan to go out hunting this evening. I have until Dec 18th here until our BP season ends. This has been one of THE toughest years I have ever seen hunting. Haven't even SEEN a buck in the woods yet!

Usually I have my buck the first week of our gun season - or if I am lucky during our archery season from Oct to Nov.

Terrible year...
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Old 12-12-2012, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by 13pointjomc
Well I missed 2 does during bow season and since rifle season has been in I haven't even seen a deer. I guess its just been to hot down here. Hopefully one will walk out in front of me before the season ends.

Same here but i seen 2 but couldn't get a clear shot on them. That was the 2nd day of muzzle loader here ion TN. since in i haven't seen a dang thing i been out almost everyday since.

I been seeing fresh sign every where but no deer i don't know what happen to them but i haven't seen any.
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I'm the guy that was haveing a poor season until I got my buck. Several seasons actually. I killed a doe last year toward the end of gun season but that was after not seeing anything within range all year....This year this was only the second buck I have seen in range...and he happened to be in bow range...but I had a gun... Other than that I have had a pretty slow year...now if I can get my kids one this year (or at least one of them one) then it'll be a great year...LOL
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worst year I have seen in since I started hunting 33 years ago.
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Originally Posted by skinnnner
Yup bad year here too in sask
My buddy just shot a booner out there in sask scored 170 but out here in mb where i am I had a brutal rifle season saw a few decent bucks early season but wanted to wait for the big boy...after week one i did not see a thing. Road hunters in my area who just drive till they see something and shoot are EVERYWHERE cant stand it chased 3 trucks down from the quarter of land I hunt 1 guy was just shooting and shooting dont know what at I was in my stand got tired of it and chased the ahole turned out to be a jackass 16 year old punk.

but anyway if anyone on the forum wants to check out a cool site i am developing its full of hunting videos and tactics check it out:

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