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Mountian Hunting

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Default Mountian Hunting

I recently got a new place to hunt in the mountains of Virgina and i am having a hard time deciding where to place stands and how to get into stand locations in the mornings. With the mountain having larger timber on it and oaks trees scattered across the mountain i cant figure out how to pinpoint deer movement or get into the area without spooking deer

Does anybody have any suggetstions?

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If you can somehow post a TOPO map or satilite image of the area that would help to give you the best advise. Your disciption of where your hunting is typical of most any mountain terrain but a map may hold key area's you will need to focus on for stand placement.
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you have to key off the terrain more, like 7mm said you need topo maps and google earth. Look for funnels and saddles and do your scouting.
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Here is how you (and anyone else) can post a link to an interactive map that can flip back and forth between the Google aerial and a high resolution topographic map. The topo maps cover the USA and Canada.

The following link shows most of the USA using the Google aerial with labels:

Pan and zoom in (mouse wheel zooms) until you find your spot. Or try Menu ==> Search. You can search on addresses, many place names and most reasonable ways to write a latitude longitude (WGS84 datum). The button in the very upper right corner changes the map. For high resolution topos select “t4 Topo High”. When the map looks the way you want it to look, then click Menu ==> “Link to this map”. The link that is displayed will reproduce the same map you see on your screen.

Full disclosure time: I am the developer of the Gmap4 browser app that is displaying the map. This project is part of my way to “pay it forward”. Translation: Gmap4 is free for non-commercial use.

Gmap4 runs in most browsers on most devices from *********** to desktops. Note that the browser does have to be online. When Gmap4 is running in the browser on a smartphone, it automatically displays phone-friendly buttons.

Gmap4 links can be used in forum posts, emails, websites, blogs and any other place that a link can be used.

The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ, examples, quick start info (in the Help file) and more to quickly get you up to speed.

Gmap4 default map: http://www.mappingsupport.com/p/gmap4.php

Gmap4 homepage: http://www.mappingsupport.com/p/gmap4.html

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy
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I hunt the mountains of Va so I know where you are coming from. Like others said above get you a topo map or atleast check out google earth. I tend to focus on funnels and saddles. With saddles probably being my favorite. But in my opinion get in the woods find you a saddle or funnel and then locate the nearest food source or bedding area and get in between them or hunt the edge. Don't over hunt one area either. These mountain deer have to much land to move around on so move around yourself and try not to hunt the same spot everyday. but most important in my opinion is hunt thick cover!!!! If you can shoot further than 20 yards with a completly clear shot than your not hunting the right spot. Hunt thick in key areas and it will pay off.
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