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suicidal deer

Old 09-15-2003, 07:30 PM
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Default suicidal deer

My buddy was out looking for deer tonight. He saw a doe and 2 fawns down by the road. We hunt farm land and there is a penned in space where there used to be hounds. Well, the doe and the one fawn went one way down into a field and the other fawn was running the fence. My buddy was driving down the road right behind it.
Well, it tried to jump the fence and hit the fence and broke its neck. He got out to investigate and saw it was a button buck so he started poundin on its chest, which was before he knew it had broke its neck, and its heart didnt start so he moved its head and could tell its neck was broke.
He has been wanting a fawn pelt, now hes got it. But, he kinda wishes it would have been a doe fawn instead of a button buck. Still had real good spots on it though so.....
and he didnt hit it so no damage to his truck, altho his wife is now " tramatized" in her opinionLOL.He is on his was over to the taxidermests now. He said he didnt want the meat so I told him if he didnt mind and thought about it, I would take the hind quarters and the backstraps. Not much meat on the rest of it. I hope he gets it to me, that would be the best venison in the world, nice and tender/juicy....makin me drool
Just thought I would share.
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Default RE: suicidal deer

Sounds ok to me. The animal unfortunately died but is being utilized and I cant see anything wrong in that. Deer do strange things in the headlights.

Cook to rare and serve with a nice merlot!

Folks laugh at our " Road Kill Law" passed a couple of years ago here in TN but I think it only makes perfect sense. Deer/car collisions are a given, at least this way after calling the gamewarden and them ok' ing the situation, the animal is then turned over to whoever wants it (first choice being the person who now has deer hair in their grill). The old way was the game wardens typically dumped the carcass. Luckily I' ve never had the pleasure (knockin on wood) but have had several close calls on my Harley and that WILL get your attention. []
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Default RE: suicidal deer

Well here in Ontario Canada, we' ve been allowed to keep " Road Kill' for quite a few years...just have to report it to the proper authorities......heck, ask Boss Tom about his run in, or should I say collision with a deer last fall!!!!!!! [8D]
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Default RE: suicidal deer

Had a similar situation happen to me. We were coyote hunting one day and jumped some deer, a couple of bucks and a couple of does. Well, one buck, if i remember correctly was an 8pt, decent sized, tried jumping a chain link fence and gave the fence a nice little head butt, broke his neck and died. It was a wild scene to say the least.
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