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OLDFORDLOVER 11-08-2012 04:41 AM

18 Point non typical
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Here is THE deer I have been hunting for 3 years, first saw him 2009 as a 1-1/2 year old 11 point. Didn't see again until this past summer. He was taken this October hunting with Dan Parrott at "The Whitetail Inn" near Kimbolton Ohio. He has 18 scoreable points and was 300 lbs +. I have hunted with Dan on several occasions and harvested several great bucks, my grandson also took a 10 point non typical on this same hunt his second buck taken there.

deerslyer11 11-08-2012 05:13 AM

Great buck. but i dont think that it is over 300 pounds. Beautiful deer though.

marshall9779 11-08-2012 09:30 AM

rediculous mass on that deer.

mackesr 11-08-2012 09:40 AM

Awesome buck man. Congratulations!

wisbowhunter2009 11-08-2012 12:56 PM

nice deer! but like said above, no where near 300! maybe 180ish. I've seen a 205 pound deer and that was bigger than this one.

Huntoneup 11-08-2012 01:30 PM

Fair-chase outside their fence, or inside their high-fence pen???

flyinlowe 11-08-2012 05:07 PM

Was the guy sitting on the scales still holding his head when they weighed it. I only joke because I am insanely jealous.

gjersy 11-08-2012 05:33 PM

Yes massive nice buck, and i was wondering the same thing was it a fence hunt? Or fair chase?

Huntoneup 11-08-2012 05:54 PM

They sell both kinds of "hunts" at that place. Google it...

NebBuckHunter 11-08-2012 06:05 PM

Great buck. Hopefully fair chase...otherwise it falls in the same category as cattle.

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