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BIG mount I bought.

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Originally Posted by WNYhunter
wow so now we even critisize the way someone decorates thier home. Thats bad, who cares what he puts up. He didn't ask that question.

I have a painting that my dad did 25 years ago in my house, i guess i should take it down cause i am not the one who spent hours painting it.

I am sure every "trophy" ever shot was hard earned on this board. yea right
i deffinatly am not critizing him. i had a giant collection and then i found out the law here in ohio. i still have alot and wouldnt hesitate to buy a legal one if i liked it enough.
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Originally Posted by bkautz
who buys mounts? kill it yourself. It will be so much better looking at something that you killed on the wall rather than something that was bought.
This is how I feel. If I didn't personally shoot it or a family member, it isn't going on my wall and I'm not going to pay anything for it.
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Originally Posted by bristowboy_20
So you don't enjoy those bucks up on the walls of Bass Pro?? mhmmm :P
I think most of those (if not all) are fake!!

Originally Posted by bkautz
who buys mounts? kill it yourself. It will be so much better looking at something that you killed on the wall rather than something that was bought.
As long a person does not take credit for the kill I don't see anything wrong with it. I think there are quite a few people who collect antlers. just my opinion, Doc
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yep, and anyone who didnt cut down trees with a handsaw, hand build thier own house with thier bare hands top to bottom should be ashamed of yourself. Can you imagine just signing a paper for a house that is already built, loooooosers.....

as far as buying antlers, I dont have time to go around morally judging everyone. I bought 1 set of ebay. a 120" 10 pt for a set of rattling horns. If I knew that deer was taken illegally I wouldn't have bought it, but i didnt so i did.

And mabey, just mabey someone doesn't have the means of ever shooting a trophy deer.

Quit being all high and mighty for crying out loud. Everything doesnt always need a story behind it.
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WNYhunter, I think you might be reading this wrong. Nobody is critisizing him, just say it doesn't interest most of us. If he enjoys it then more power too him. I don't enjoy knitting but I don't critisize people who do, it just doesn't interest me.

For the antlers on ebay, if they are shed antlers than I have no problem. If they are tagged then I don't have a problem but if they are untagged then I wouldn't purchase them. Just a personal preference, if they can't be proven they were taken legally than they can't be proven they were taken illegally.

Again, this is just me. If anyone else wants to purchase them than go for it.
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I value my personal trophies much more than anything I've gotten from other people. They sure do make a house look good! =]
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