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Young one missed...

Old 10-21-2012, 07:10 AM
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Default Young one missed...

Just talked to my bestfriend that I hunt with. He took out his little cousin last night, got on stand around 3 pm in Southern Wisconsin. Started to see some does right away and a couple smaller buck. About 1 hour to dark they had a 140 inch 8 pointer come in that was on the kill list this year. He was eating along the way and they were setup with a decoy (small buck). So my buddy grunted when he was about 100 yards out because dark was comin to fast. Deer lowered his head and started to b line right at hime. Came in to about 40 yards, stopped for a bit, then started to slowly move in downwind. They cought him at a broadside shot at 20 yards. His little cousin completely missed I guess.... of course the little guy was upset.

My buddy and I talked we are each 21 years old and take the little guys out as much as possible but towards the rut we get some hunting time on our own were we go into some of our best stands. We dont like to be selfish but its the way it works out.

Heres the question... our goal like i said is to get them out as much as possible, get them hooked (which we have already). We practice shooting with them day after day but they cannot be consistant and we would hate to see them wound a deer (especially a big one). Is there anything you can do or say to them because they are truely not ready yet with out turning them off (bowhunting anyways?)

The reason we are asking is because we dont have kids, its new to us and not sure if we can change anything around to make a win win situation.

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Practice practice practice. Also, once they get one under their belt the nerves should easy up. I'd just explain to them that until they can shoot a target consistently, they shouldn't be shooting at live animals. Let them come to your stands with you to watch you and gain experience. Maybe start them off with a rifle.....little easier and calmer...
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They have each shot a deer with a rifle.... but thats a good way to start. It is tough because one of the little guys is the landowners son so we feel obligated.
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Teach them how to breath, just Calm down, and breath.
Take a deep breath, and another one until you get calmed down.
Take another breath then let out just a little, then you can shoot much better.
We all get in a hurry, and get Buck fever, and shoot wild, and miss.

Good Luck with them.
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was he shooting a bow? if not i bet he shot the deer. 20 yards might be to close for the bullet to expand and cause damage. mighta sailed right through...still creating some damage. i see plenty of times where people thought they missed, but looked at the video and realized there is a dead deer somewhere.
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Yes he was shooting a bow.
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this is the exact reason all states need to open to crossbows and everyone needs to open their minds. not just for kids but also for adults that either can not be proficient with a bow or do not have the spare time needed to practice to become proficient. i agree whole heartedly that we need to take people out(not just young ones) but i disagree with taking anyone out that is not consistant and proficient with a bow.
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First, that is great taking the youth hunting, not enought young people are into archery, like everyone else said just have them keep practicing and practive breathing. Where are you from in Wisconsin? Scoot
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