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Thanks everyone i really appreciate it.

So is this the time known as "pre rut"?

When i hunt should i be doing anything or just hunting? Like hanging out scent lures like estrous, rattling, bleats or grunts?

Thanks again.
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I think it depends where you live/hunt. If you are in the south then things will happen a little later, but if you are in the colder part of the US at this time, then you should see more rutting activity sooner. Right now, I personally wouldn't put much emphasis on lures.

If you have a good buck to doe ratio in your area, then perhaps some light rattling and some grunt calls could be beneficial. Otherwise, just hunt trails the deer frequent between bedding and feeding.
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Thanks. I do live in the south (N.C.) but where i hunt is at about 4300-4500 ft. It is considerably colder up here than in the low lands would that make a difference?
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I went out this weekend knowing that it was basically going to be a scouting trip. I hunted with the intent of harvesting a doe should the opportunity present itself and with some luck of being in the right place at the right time, possibly get an opportunity at a shooter buck. Saw almost a dozen deer in the two days but no shots. No biggie. I was using the weekend to "scout". See how the deer are moving, look at the crops or lack thereof around the property, find acorns, locate scrapes and rubs, find heavy trails, etc. I cant make it back this weekend but I am heading down halloween nite to hunt for 11 days. By that time, I will take this knowledge of the past weekend and apply it to what I know about deer hunting and have a more concrete plan for Nov 1st-11th and adjust accordingly. Deer are smart and I try to out-smart them, thats why I love this game with them. You cant get frustrated, you're not always going to see deer and times you will see 3 dozen in one day....just continue to grow mentally with deer and deer hunting. In the 20yrs I've been hunting, I would consider myself successful and lucky, while at the same time, still learning.....as I did this weekend with new knowledge I picked up about scrapes. Deer hunting is an endless book that keeps giving you more and more information and keeps you more and more drawn to it by its mystery, but most of all, enjoy your time in the woods and the things you will see that most will never see (people who dont get into the wildlife) and each encounter and harvest will hopefully have you wanting more. Good luck and keep us posted on your hunting this year.
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