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Natural blinds...

Old 08-30-2012, 10:03 AM
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Default Natural blinds...

I'm going to hunt public land for the first time this year. I'm going to have to use a natural blind type set up because I can't afford to get another tree stand or blind. What are some hints or what should I be looking to do to make a good natural blind?
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Ive had luck in the past sitting in a downed tree top
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The only thing not natural I use to make mine is 550 cord. I use 6 to 8 larger branches as the base and supports then use smaller branches and scrub brush as filler. If you can find a fallen tree that can also be made into one easily. Try to make it natural looking as possible especially if it is heavily hunted area. Would suck if you did the work and somebody else was sitting in it.
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Old 08-30-2012, 11:00 AM
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Honestly I doubt I'd bother with building a "natural blind" on public land because as was said, I'm sure some lazy sob would help himself to it or figure it must be a good area if you put the blind there so he'd sit 20yds away and "watch with you". (I'm sure being government land there are some crazy rules about "disturbing" growth and manipulating it if they really wanted to get technical anyway)

Instead I'd take a few simple 3ft sections of wooden dowels and some camo leafy net/army netting and make a "bush" to hide behind. Then carry it out with you at days end. Blinds don't have to be elaborate, just hide your movement. Build it up to about head high (determined obviously if you are sitting on a bucket/stool or down on the ground) and then wear a facemask/headnet and S L O W L Y move your head. Don't forget to move the leaves back away from your feet as well when you first sit down. Makes movement essentially silent and then you can scatter the leaves back across the ground when you leave and no one will know you were ever there!

Basically you're doing it the way we used to do it for turkeys many years ago before commerical blinds. "Dig in" a good spot that looks over prime territory and then the "get patient"!
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Originally Posted by HatchieLuvr View Post
Blinds don't have to be elaborate, just hide your movement.:
I agree, but the only movement you should be making is drawing your bow/raising your gun!
I view a blind as a way of hiding your silhouette, just like standing against a tree!
How far "upstate" are you?
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When I "ground sit" I try to find a large trunked tree or a downed large tree as a back stop. A downed tree makes a good hide especially if you can snuggle up into the crown. As far as builfing a ground blind, I don't get too fancy. I'll clip a few branches or construct a quick surround using dead limbs. But nothing fancy. I'd figure if you go through a lot of trouble to build a fancy ground blind on public land, it is likely another will come across it and put it to use as well. Might even beat you to it ! And then what ?
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The only thing not natural I use to make mine is 550 cord.

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