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A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

Old 09-08-2003, 10:26 AM
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

I have to say I prefer the AM as well. I love sitting in the tree and watch as everything " wakes up" in the woods. However, I do enjoy not having to get ready in the dark on a PM hunt. But overall, I like the morning
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

I almost have to hunt mornings. At 69, my night vision is progressed to the point that I can' t shoot safely anymore in the evening. usually when they come out, I can' t see them through the scope. But I have always seen more deer in the AM.
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

Not sure this Season/year. New area and I just picked up my first roll of film this weekend. Oh yea it the new stealth cam, so I will tell you later after I have it developed.

But I will say this.... I have had most of my luck with late afternoon hunts. Just before Sundown.

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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

I prefer both. The only thing I hate is climbing in the dark. Up in the morning, and down at night. I' ll just never get used to it.
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

I also prefer morning hunts. However, anytime I can get out and sit in my stand is a great time.
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

I like hunting both times and can' t really say that there have been more deer taken at either time. I enjoy the morning more because you get to see some of the most beautiful sunrises there are and watch the woods come to life
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

It depends on if it is pre rut or rut. I learned a long time ago to pattern bucks and their movement. I have stands that I use for morning hunts and stands I use for evening hunts. I place my stands according to bedding areas, feeding areas, rub routes etc… I have been successful both morning and evenings. I have found that learning to pattern bucks will help you more than anything. PS: I love to hunt bedding areas!! CDH
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

Why AM of course. My two deer were taken by 9:00 am.
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

In the mornings, I love having the sun come up and the woods come alive - especially when it' s really cold out, and the first beams of sunshine hit the back of your neck. I' ve had most of my luck between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.

In the evenings, I love the fact that I get to stalk to my stand. You can stalk back from a morning stand, but by that time, I' m tired/stiff enough from sitting for four or five hours that I can' t still hunt very well. Evenings, you' ve got a full belly from lunch, maybe a nap, and you get to slip into the stand, watching for the deer. Sometimes they' re already in front of your stand when you get there. Then, of course, the best time for killing deer is that laaaast half an hour of shooting light.

If it comes down to it, I guess I' d have to pick mornings, except if I was hunting the greenfields in Alabama - then evenings alllll the way!
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Default RE: A.M. or P.M. Hunt?

i like the mornings the best to watch the woods come alive but
i work nights all year its hard to get up for the time i take off in
sep 2 weeks
october 17 days
and dec. 1 week

i will get up for morning opening small game

and opening bow
but thats it
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