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Default Moon directly overhead/underfoot?

How do you know when the moon is directly overhead or underfoot?
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Solunar tables...
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If you have a smart phone get the deerlog scoutlook app it gives you all the information you need, from weather details, to solunar tables telling you best times for game activity, scent cones for specific stands, radar, and a deer log that allows you to keep track of deer at specific locations.
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I always took the over head/under foot thing literally. Either the moon is visible (overhead) or it isn't(underfoot). Of course, it depends entirely on where exactly you are on Earth. One man's over head is another man's under foot.
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I always went by Outdoor lifes guide but a few people have suggested Murrays Moon Guide to me and says its the most accurate since you put your location is. I think it's like $10 but if it helps it would be worth it.
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I have an app called Hunting Calendar Lite...it is awesome and gives good info.
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Look up! If it isn't visible, it's on the other side, LOL! Seriously, I like to hunt the dark of the moon, but if you aren't out there at all the other times you sure won't shoot one! I generally stay out later in the morning during the full moon as I think they get up later and stay out a little longer the next morning.
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I don't let the moon phases affect my hunting. I'm going to be out there anyway, full moon or not. There may be a little less morning movement on a full overhead moon, but I have killed some pretty decent bucks from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. during a full overhead moon, and not during the rut. As for finding out when the moon will be overhead, just google it. You can easily find out on the net.
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I have never used the moon phase to influence when I will or will not hunt. I just go ! Buddy of mine and I kept several years of detailed records in an attempt to correlate to moon phase. We came up with nothing strongly definitive. No.1 influence was traditional estrus cycle. No.2 clearly was weather conditions. About all we came up with on moon phase was a weak pattern of more "midday-ish" movement if the moon was full and the night sky clear.
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There's been times when hunting a full moon that I've seen deer at 8:00am, times when I've seen deer in the middle of the day. I sit in my stand from sunrise to sunset regardless of what the moon phase is. You can't kill one from the couch.
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